Advice Column

Hi, my name is Heather and I really like giving advice on things even though I don’t have a lot of experience. I know a lot of random stuff so don’t be afraid to ask a question that doesn’t seem to go with this blog.

Do you have any questions about anything? Blogging? Relationships (platonic or romantic)? Inspiration? Theology? The meaning of life? Or, any other subject?

Then, fill out the contact form below with your question. Or email me @ ( {put ‘advice column’ in the subject line please}) Please include a fake name if you don’t want me to use your real one. {something like ‘Worried’ or ‘Searching For Love’}.And, I’ll answer it when I have time! I will post all of the answers to questions on this page or link to blog posts answering them!

If it’s a question that involves a lot of depth, I might even do a whole blog post on it!

Also, if you’re struggling with stuff and just need a friend to talk to, don’t be afraid to email me @ my more personal email ( or feel free to DM me on Instagram or Twitter! I’m here for you guys.

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