Christmas 2019 Lock Screen Collection

Christmas 2019 Lock Screen Collection

To celebrate the 2019 Christmas Season, we are releasing a lock screen compilation with 3 individual collections in it. You can buy each collection for $4 or bundle all 3 collections for $8.

The Green Lock Screen Collection

The Green Lock Screen Collection Collage

The 5 lock screens in this collection are themed around a beautiful dark green that reminds you of drinking hot cocoa around the Christmas Tree.

This collection is perfect if you’re the type of person who loves a more subtle holiday feel to your phone. The dark green reminds you of evergreen tress but isn’t as in your face as other holiday colors.

Buy the Green Collection for $4

The Crisis Collection

The Crisis Collection Collage

This collection has 5 lock screens that center around the humorous saying ‘Merry Crisis’ but each of them has a unique feel and color scheme.

The Crisis Collection is excellent for the fun loving child inside of all of us. Vine has definitely been a big part of my formative years and I’m very excited to bring it to this holiday season.

Buy the Crisis Collection for $4

The Red Collection

The Red Lock Screen Collection Collage

These 5 lock screens combine a deep crimson with the outdoors and cartoons for a whimsical yet classy feel.

The red collection reminds me of my childhood. Going camping with my siblings, picking flowers, and watching cartoons on Saturday mornings.

Buy the Red Collection for $4

The Christmas Bundle Lock Screen Collection

A collage of The Christmas Bundle Collection

If you love all the lock screens and don’t want to choose between them.

Or, you want to change your lock screen every day before Christmas. (Since this compilation is being released on the 9th, you have a new lock screen for every day till Christmas!

Then the Christmas Bundle is perfect for you! In it, you get ALL 15 lock screens in the 3 collections for the price of 2 collections!

Buy the Christmas Bundle for $8

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