Thoughts from Irma


Hurricane Irma might have devastated Florida and surrounding islands. But, I couldn’t help but find beauty in the midst of the tempest. On Sunday, September 10th, I sat on our front porch and wrote ferociously, this blog post is the result of that writing fury. Read More


35 Things I Love About My Mom

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Today is my mom’s birthday! (I won’t say how old she is cause I love her :)) I have learned a lot of things from my mom and there is so much that I love about her. In honor of her birthday, I’m going to share 35 things that I love about her! read more



The Face Behind the Words

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Hi, I’m Heather! I want to introduce you to the person behind the keys. read more


12 Lessons I’ve Learned from 12 Years of Homeschooling

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  1. God is the most important subject. Fun fact, I am reading through the bible in a year for the 3rd time. Seriously, the second best thing I ever did from homeschooling. The first being, learning how to pray and starting to literally write out every single prayer. I highly recommend that you do this. It’s awesome to be able to go back and see how your prayer life has grown. read more



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