How to Organize Your Life Digitally For the Ultimate Year!

How to Organize Your Life Digitally For the Ultimate Year!

Over the past few years, I’ve been working to achieve an organized life. And today, I’m going to teach you how to organize your life digitally.

I’ve tried everything from tracking the minutes of my day to writing to-do lists on paper scraps. Recently, I’ve been working especially hard to find ways to organize my life digitally. Particularly working to find solutions I will use.

Organize your life digitally with your smartphone and computer

Working cohesively between my phone and laptop has helped me become organized. I have duplicate apps that help me be on top of my schedule.

graphic of apps to use to organize your life digitally

Thanks to the power of the internet, I can access all my work on my phone and on my laptop. If I forget my laptop, I can do everything on my phone.

Organize Your Life Digitally with Asana

I first heard about Asana from Erin May Henry’s YouTube channel. She raved about it and I had to see the hype. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. It has the features of multiple apps that condense my schedule to one place.

It is almost impossible to organize your life digitally without a life planning app like Asana.

How I use Asana to Organize My daily life

  • Daily, I pull up asana and check on my task list. Asana enables me to look at it as a list or a calendar. (They have this feature across their services.)
Asana daily to do list graphic
  • About once a month, I go into my Daring to Inspire Content calendar and update it. I’ve been working lately to be a week ahead on my blog posts. I have blog posts planned out through the end of February 2020. What can I say? I’m excessive.
Asana Daring to Inspire Content Calendar
  • Asana teams can be used in numerous ways, I use them to manage a specific part of my life. I have a team for Daring to Inspire, one for a media company I’m hoping to start, and one for my personal life.
  • Each team contains several projects I use to manage different aspects of my life. In the DtI team, I have 6 projects: my content calendar, marketing, brain dump, blog post ideas, and 2 secret projects I’m working on.
Asana daring to inspire team graphic for organize your life digitally
  • Each project has 4 different views (albeit, you can only use 3 of them with the free version.) The list view, Kanban boards, a timeline (I can’t use this cause I’m cheap), and the calendar view.

Sync your apps for flawless digital organization

Asana has this feature where you can sync it with other programs and become even more productive!!!

While researching this post I learned how to sync my Asana calendar and google calendar. I can see all my to-do lists in one place. This makes me aware of my work schedule when planning my life and vice versa.

Organize your life digitally with Google Apps

As a young adult in the 21st Century, I’ve become a Google native, using their services daily. They are crucial to organize your life digitally.

I have 6 different Gmail accounts to use for different areas of my life. That way, I can find some work/life balance. (Let’s be real, working in the creative industry makes work/life balance difficult because you’re so connected to your work.)

various google accounts graphic

I have one for my blog, another for random emails, personal emails, YouTube account, and one for newsletters.

Google Drive

Google Drive is similar to a computer’s file storage system. Except, it’s all on the cloud. Not taking up precious hard drive space.

Hard drive space seems to instantly get used up. Google Drive keeps that from happening.

I have various Google Drives from my various Gmails and I use them to continue to organize my life more. I love the search feature and the folder organization system on Google Drive. These keep me from losing files.

how to organize your life digitally twitter graphic

Google Docs

I write everything in Google Docs. Seriously, I mean everything.

Every blog post started here. My diary is here. Meal planning is here. Lol, even this blog post started in a Google Doc.

Google docs have saved my life. (Okay, not literally.) The search feature enables you to find any file in seconds. I can organize them in multiple ways and your hard drive space is constantly refreshed because it’s all saved in the cloud.

Google also saves your work instantly, ensuring your ability to find the files again.

Google Sheets

Google Sheets are comparable to any old spreadsheet software except its part of Google. I’m still learning how to use this service so I only track my expenses with it.

I’ve spent hours finding the template that works for me. I’m continually updating my template whenever something needs to change.

Google Calendar

If an event isn’t in my Google calendar, I won’t attend.

I’m not joking, I have a horrific memory.

Google Calendar includes INCREDIBLE services. From making events, goals, and reminders in one place to seeing the moon phases in your work calendar.

a week in my life graphic

Google has worked to integrate its calendar into their other apps and services to make life easier.

A favorite feature is adding other calendars to my primary calendar. This enables me to see everything in one place and turn off specific calendars when relevant.

my calendars graphic

Google Photos

Google Photos automatically backs up every photo on my phone. This enables me to find any photo in a flash and I don’t misplace photos anymore!

I have mine linked to my time-hop and every day it gives me a glimpse into my past.

Organize your life digitally with the Pomodoro Technique

I started using the Pomodoro technique a few months ago and it has helped me be productive and check my phone in a timely manner. (My favorite phone setting is ‘Do Not Disturb. Yeah, I need reminders to check it.)

I don’t use the Pomodoro technique perfectly, but it helps me be productive and track the hours I’m working. It keeps my tasks separated by category to make the line between work and life a little clearer.

I use the ‘Focus To Do’ App for the pomodoro technique. Using an app for the Pomodorro technique is amazing to organize your life digitally.

Focus to do/pomodoro technique graphic for how to organize your life digitally

Organize your life digitally with Evernote

Evernote holds my notes for and from therapy, articles to read, websites to reference later, and more. Some days it seems as though this app contains my entire life.

I adore Evernote’s dark setting for phones. As someone who has 57 million thoughts running through my head, it’s useful to have a darker app to write on at night.

Evernote has numerous templates for various aspects of your life. I mainly use it for personal things and a few websites and articles to access later for work.

Countdown Timer

This is a slightly random app I downloaded recently but it has been very useful. It allows me to countdown to any event.

It’s incredible to know in a second how many days/months/hours/minutes/seconds are left until an important date.

Countdown timer to Organize your life digitally blog post graphic

Genius Scan

if you don’t already have a scanning app, how are you living in the 21st century? They are amazing for turning any document into a pdf in seconds. No need to run to Staples to scan documents. Just point and shoot your phone camera and boom! it’s done.

I don’t know what the ‘best’ scanning app is but ‘Genius Scan’ is the one I’ve been using for years and it does everything I need.

Organize your life digitally: Health

Over the past few years, I’ve been trying to manage my mental and physical health better. Using apps makes this a million times easier.


This app tracks my mental health and activities. It reminds me to update my mood daily. You can set up to 5 different moods and customize them to your common feelings. It also helps you track how various activities affect your moods.

Moods graphic

Daylio has a ‘year in pixels’ section that shows your moods over an entire year! This app sends weekly mental health updates and encourages you to set goals.

Samsung Health/Google Fit

These apps track my physical activity. Samsung Health came with my phone and I use it often. But I recently downloaded Google Fit because it syncs with my calendar and other apps I use daily.

Period Tracker

I’ve used an app to track my period for the past 3 years straight and it’s changed my life. I’m rarely surprised by my period and I can show my doctor vital information in 3 seconds.

If you have a uterus and you’re not using an app to track periods, what are you doing with your life? It will change your life for the better

Organization Tools I’ve stopped using and why


YouTube introduced me to Ttrello back in 2017 and I quickly fell in love with the platform. But over the years, I’ve replaced it with other apps like Asana and Trello has become ineffective.

Google Tasks/Google Keep

These apps are amazing and I would recommend you try them. But for me, they’re more apps to access. I need my schedule streamlined.

As I’ve gotten back into using my Bullet Journal, I’ve realized I don’t need an app to write my to-do list on. I need to break up my to-do list by category and/or due date, instead of one giant running list.

Evernote and Google Docs have replaced Google Keep for me. I don’t have a reason to use another app for random notes.

App Detox

I’ve tried various apps over the years to help me get off my phone. (That sounds oxymoronic. We’ve gotten to the point where we need apps to tell us to not use other apps so much.) App Detox is an app I’ve tried multiple times.

But for me, they rarely work. They drain my battery and don’t get me off my phone.

The Pomodoro technique keeps me off my phone more than any phone detox app has ever done.

Reminder App

Yes, there was a time when I had an entire app for reminders. Seriously, who needs one??? Most organizing apps have reminders built into them. I don’t need another app to remind me. Personally, I use Google Calendar to remind me.


That’s all folks!

Okay, this post ended up longer then I expected but that’s okay. In summary, my favorite apps and services to organize my life with are Asana, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Calendar, Google Photos, Focus To-Do, Evernote, Genius Scan, Daylio, Samsung Health, Google Fit, and Period Tracker.

The apps and services I’ve stopped using to organize my life are Trello, Google Keep, Google Tasks, App Detox, and a Reminder app.

Which of these tips, services, and apps are you implementing into your life today? What is your favorite way to organize your life digitally? Do you prefer to organize your schedule digitally or analog?

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