How to Invest in Yourself to Leave a Legacy

How to Invest in Yourself to Leave a Legacy

You need to invest in yourself because life is a beautiful thing. It may be full of pain, sorrow, and suffering. But it’s also filled with love, friendships, relationships, and hobbies.

Once your life is over, you are gone. Your memory will live on in those that loved you. Often your work will live on. But you only get one shot at this.

That’s why it’s so important to invest in yourself. In your knowledge, your spirituality, and your physical and mental health.

Invest in Yourself by Expanding Your Knowledge

Knowledge is learning about the differences that exist on this planet. Wisdom is understanding those differences and using them to change the world for the better. 

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Knowledge Imbues Responsibility

In the immortal words of Uncle Ben, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

We have a responsibility to ourselves, past, present, and future humans to learn about our universe. Catalog our insight and share what we’ve learned with multitudes of people.

There are billions of people on this planet and we have an obligation to interact with one another. To understand our different cultures and practices. That way, we can learn how to coexist on our floating rock in a harmonious way.

We have the great privilege to live in the information age. The internet is at our fingertips! In a matter of seconds, we can connect with people on the other side of the world to share ideas!

Almost ½ of the world’s population has access to the internet! It’s our duty to take advantage of the technology that we have. And use it to grow our knowledge and continue connecting with other humans and share that knowledge.

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Value Learning More than Money

Our economy is constantly fluctuating. The value of money ebbs and flows. But one thing will never go out of circulation – knowledge. Throughout all of history, education has been something you can profit off of.

Our quest for knowledge and understanding drives every part of humanity. From the first books to the invention of space shuttles, we continually search for answers to every aspect of life.

Invest in Yourself by Falling in Love with Learning

At our core, humans are curious creatures. Our innate desire to comprehend the world around us propels humanity through the ages. Tap into this intrinsic desire that dwells deep within your soul. Find the topics that set your mind on fire. Pursue them for the rest of your life.

Questions can lead to the greatest adventures. Don’t be afraid to question everything in your life. Use inquiries to cultivate an open mind. Don’t make conclusions before looking into facts. Researching a topic with a conclusion in mind makes your research biased.

Discussions enrich your knowledge. They enable you to connect to other humans on a deeper level. As well as helping you comprehend what you believe and why you believe it.

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Everything in life is a lesson

I believe that everything in life happens for a reason. Even if that reason is just to learn a lesson.

The greatest teacher in life is our own mistakes. We all make them and if we embrace them as lessons, they won’t hurt as much. And, we’ll be able to help ourselves and our fellow humanity.

Invest in Yourself Through Your Physical and Mental Health

Unfortunately, we only get one body and one mind for our entire lives. You have to invest in your health because once your body dies, you are gone.

Physical Health

Learn about what it truly means to be healthy. Get to know what your body needs and wants. Understand what exercises you enjoy and what healthy foods you savor.

Investing in your health should be an enjoyable experience. If you don’t like it, keep looking for healthy things that you adore.

I love going on bike rides and eating salads. Just not at the same time.

Mental Health

Mental health, mental illness, self-care, and therapy have become buzzwords. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore them. Your brain is a vital part of your very being and you need to protect and nourish it properly.

I mean, you kind of are your brain? Because if we weren’t conscious beings we’d literally just be meat sacks.

Invest in psychiatric help. Read books and blogs about things that you struggle with. Pursue improving your mental space. Your life will be much more enjoyable if you do.

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Productivity and Time Management

Investing in your mental health and investing in time management often go hand-in-hand. When you’re managing your life and time properly, you’re in a much healthier headspace.

Time is something that you will never get more of. That’s why you must be careful how you invest your time. Everyone can make and lose money or relationships. But you can’t make more time.

Productivity is another ‘buzz word’ that has been going around the internet lately. But, that doesn’t make it irrelevant. Productivity is often something that I struggle with because of my mental health but that’s a long story.

Invest in Yourself through Relationships

The people in your life make life worth living

On your deathbed, it’s not going to matter if you made that extra hundred dollars. You’re going to care about the relationships you filled your life with. The memories you made. The love you gave.

Spiritual Relationships

Whether or not you consider yourself a spiritual or religious person, you can still invest in relationships that pertain to this. Everyone believes in something. Even if you only believe that this is all there is. Invest in relationships with people who have similar beliefs to yours

And, invest in relationships with people who have different beliefs from you. You never know what you could learn from someone who is completely different from you.

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Loving Relationships

Love is one of the most incredible forces in this world. Giving it and receiving it can change your life.

Invest in all kinds of loving relationships. Platonic love, romantic love, familial love, all love is beautiful and deserves to be felt. You have so much love inside of you to share with this messed up world. Don’t be afraid to share it.

Cultivate Career Relationships

Make work friends. Go to conferences and learn about your industry. Network with people in your field. Exchange ideas and aspirations.

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Invest in Yourself Through Travel

Invest in traveling the world and learning about other cultures, religions, regions, and languages. Something you learn could change your life. There is incredible diversity on our planet and it is up to us to understand the differences between us and how we can use those differences to make this world a better place.

You have one life, fight for it

Remember This is a Lifelong Journey

Investing in yourself isn’t something you’re going to master over night. It’s something that you need to commit to doing for the rest of your life. Remember, life is the longest thing you’ll ever do.

Life is a precious gift. There’s so many things that could have gone wrong from the day of your conception to today but they didn’t. You’re still alive. You’re still here. Let’s leave a legacy together.

I can’t help but believe that we’re all alive for a reason. Even if that reason is just to love those around us.

Don’t waste your life

That’s why it’s so important to invest in your life and catalog your investments because your work can live on long after you have passed away. Think of people like Isaac Newton and Marie Curie. Their work has literally changed the way that we live today.


In closing, remember that you are your most important asset and it is vital that you invest in yourself for the rest of your life. Invest in every aspect of your life. In your health, knowledge, experiences, and relationships.

Much Love,


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