4 Principles of Success that Will Enhance Your Career

4 Principles of Success that Will Enhance Your Career

The past few years have seen an influx in entrepreneurism and this constant drive to achieve ‘success.’ Yet, we seem to have lost what the principles of success truly are and how to actually achieve them.

Success is subjective and different for everyone and that’s okay. But I believe there are a few key principles that will guide you on your journey to discover and achieve success for yourself.

Overview of the Principles of Success:

  1. My future will be better than my present and I have the power to make it so
  2. Success is measured by habits, not dreams
  3. Legacy is the foundation of success
  4. No one ever became great just because they had a dream

Principles of Success #1: You Control Your Journey

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My future will be better than my present and I have the power to make it so

It’s so easy to get caught up in our dreams of what our future could be like and we start living in our heads. But, when we live in our heads, we lose track of the present. We spend more time dreaming to escape the present instead of working in the present to build the future we want to live.

The only way to take back control of your life is to stop dreaming of the person you could be in the future and instead committing to become them.

When you stop dreaming of being an early riser and instead start setting your alarm earlier, getting up, and starting your day, your life starts to change for the better. Small changes lead to big results.

Principle #2: Success is Measured by Habits, not Dreams

Your dreams do not make you, your habits do

Unless you take the time to build habits to invest in yourself and your dreams, you will only ever be known as a dreamer. You will never become the person you could be.

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Success is not measured by the money in your bank account, it is measured by the legacy you leave behind. It is the number of people who have been touched whether literally by you or by the message you’ve shared.

Principle #3: Legacy is the Foundation of Success

In the Broadway hit ‘Hamilton’ there is this great line in one of the songs,

“Legacy, what is a legacy? It’s planting seeds in a garden you never get to see.”

– Lin Manuel Miranda –

We don’t know what the trajectory of our lives will be. We don’t know how long they will last. Who we will meet. Or what we will do with our time. The only thing that is promised to us is right now.

Unless you learn to control your present, you will forever be haunted by the things you failed to let go of in your past and the future you can’t stop dreaming about.

Dreaming is an incredible thing and I believe everyone should be a dreamer. But dreams are cheap. Actions and planning are where legacy are born.

Success Principles #4: No One ever Became Great Just Because They Had a Dream

Not even Martin Luther King Jr became famous just because of a dream even though his dream is in one of the most inspiring speeches of all time. MLK left a legacy because he believed in a cause. He stood up for what he believed is right and didn’t let what anyone else said stand in his way. Even though he died for this cause, it’s repercussions have echoed throughout the past 60+ years of history.

What legacy are you leaving?

Soli Deo Gloria, Heather

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