The Ultimate Morning Routine Checklist for Productivity + FREE Printable

The Ultimate Morning Routine Checklist for Productivity + FREE Printable

Imagine this: It’s Sunday night, you’ve planned your morning routine checklist for the week and you’re excited to start it on Monday morning. You’ve decided that you’re going to wake up early, read an inspirational book, drink coffee, and watch the sunrise.

Next comes quick yoga while listening to a motivational podcast before taking a shower, getting dressed, and heading out the door.

But then Monday morning rolls around, your alarm blares astonishingly early. You hit snooze. Then again, and again, and again.

Suddenly, you only have 20 minutes till you have to leave. You bolt out of bed, stumble around grabbing a granola bar for breakfast, pulling on an outfit that you hope matches, spilling coffee everywhere, and finally leaving 10 minutes late.

That night, you swear it’s the last time. But Tuesday morning rolls around and you repeat the same routine over and over again. Will you ever break the cycle?

Today I’m going to teach you how to make the perfect morning routine checklist that will change your life and finally end this cycle!


  1. We’re gonna walk through a typical morning in my life
  2. I’ll share my goals for my ultimate morning routine
  3. Then I’ll give you a quick list of goals to inspire you to have an awesome morning
  4. Then, we’ll go over a few things to add to your evening routine to make your mornings even better
  5. Next, we’ll prioritize that list to help you have a productive, mindful, and time-conscious morning routine every day.
  6. I’ll share a few hacks to help your mornings go even smoother
  7. Lastly, you’ll get your FREE printable morning routine checklist that matches your goals

My Morning Routine

  1. Wake up around 7 AM
  2. Watch a quick motivating video like a vlog
  3. Get up
  4. Drink a glass of water
  5. Make coffee
  6. Fix some fruit
  7. Eat breakfast while reading, watching YouTube, or talking to my family
  8. Read my Bible and Pray
  9. Yoga or quick calisthenic workout
  10. Shower
  11. Plan day
  12. Start Working

My goals for my ultimate morning routine:

  1. Wake up at the same time every weekday – currently I’m waking up around 7 am
  2. Eat something healthy – usually fruit
  3. Read something that sparks my love of learning – currently reading a book about how philosophy has changed the world
  4. Read my bible
  5. Exercise
  6. Shower
  7. Plan my day to stay organized

It’s taken me years to learn what things I want to and can accomplish in my mornings before I start work. I’ve learned that you can really only implement one habit at a time for optimal results.

If you want to motivate yourself to get out of bed, have a ritual that gets you excited. For me, I love the peace, quiet, and coolness of mornings and the ritual of making coffee.

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Inspiration for Your Morning Routine Checklist:

  • Wake up at the same time every weekday
  • Wake up early enough to have a slow morning
  • Read/watch something motivational/inspirational instead of going on social media
  • Making your bed
  • Open the blinds and let the sunshine in
  • Drink water before caffeine or food
  • Reducing the amount of caffeine you drink
  • Eating a healthy breakfast or practicing intermittent fasting
  • Getting some fresh air – go for a walk or eat breakfast/drink coffee outside
  • Reduce the amount of screen time you have in the mornings
  • Journal – art journal, bullet journal, write down your thoughts, whatever type of journalling floats your boat
  • Study a favorite topic or language to gain wisdom
  • Don’t watch Netflix in the morning
  • Read your Bible and Pray or do something else Spiritual
  • Exercise – Either light stuff like yoga or stretching or go all in and do some weight lifting or running
  • Watch the Sunrise
  • Listen to a Podcast
  • No makeup or take time and have fun with it
  • Do something different with your hair
  • Make a healthy lunch
  • Shower
  • Make or review your To-Do lis
  • Wash laundry
  • Leave your phone on airplane mode or leave the wifi off until you finish your morning routine
  • Enjoy the peace and quiet of mornings
  • Write down things you’re grateful for
  • Take vitamins
  • Leave 5-10 minutes early for a stress-free commute
  • Take 10 minutes to clean and do the dishes
  • Work on a hobby/side hustle
  • Do some art – draw, write, paint, photography, etc…
  • Dance around – moves your body and lifts your mood
  • Write a blog post
  • Edit Pictures
  • Make a schedule
  • Wash your face
  • Pick a word that you want to emulate throughout the day
  • Watch a TED Talk or listen to the TED Radio Hour from NPR
  • If you work from home, change out of your PJs
  • Don’t read the news because most of it is just depressing
  • Get an accountability partner to encourage you to wake up early, exercise, eat healthily, etc…
  • Don’t check emails or do other work things until you’r at work or ready to start work

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Tasks to Accomplish Before Bed to Make Your Mornings Easier

  • Prep Breakfast for tomorrow
  • Prep Lunch for tomorrow
  • Pick out outfit
  • Wash face
  • Write out workout
  • Prep Coffee maker
  • Fill a glass of water and put it by your bed to drink first thing in the morning
  • Set alarm(s)
  • Journal your thoughts and emotions
  • Write a To-Do list for tomorrow
  • Schedule tomorrow
  • Take 20 minutes to clean the house and do the dishes
  • Drink tea
  • Stretch
  • Do something calming – Read, watch TV/YouTube, breath deep, etc…
  • Brain dump
  • Make sure your bag/backpack/purse is packed and ready to go

How to Prioritize Your Morning Routine Checklist for Success

  • Pick your goal for the morning
  • Figure out how much time you have realistically, consider waking up a bit earlier if you want more time
  • Write down things you HAVE to do – shower, coffee, breakfast, pets, kids, etc…
  • Inspire yourself – Go through Pinterest and make a morning aesthetic board of what you want your ideal morning to look like
  • Choose a few items from the above list to accomplish each morning before you leave/start work.
  • Pick a few items to try implementing into your evening routine to help your mornings go smoother
  • Give yourself a month or so to implement the items. Start with one or two at a time. Remember, don’t bite off more than you can chew. It’s easier to start small and then build your way up instead of starting huge and failing miserably.
  • Accept that you’re not perfect and you’re going to mess up some days.

What is your number one goal for your morning routine?

My goal is to have a stress-free morning.

Maybe your goal is to be healthy, get motivated, have a clean home, or wake up earlier. Pick one goal and then structure your whole routine to accomplish that goal everyday.

If your goal is to have a stress-free morning – look through the goals and pick a few that help you calm down and start your day in the right frame of mind. Maybe that’s reading, yoga, making a healthy breakfast and taking the time to eat it, etc…

If you want to start your day motivated, you’re probably going to want to prioritize an intense, energizing workout and drinking coffee while reading or watching inspirational books or videos.

What is your morning goal?

Some Hacks to Make Your Mornings Easier

  • Multi-task – Listen to a podcast, do yoga, and practice deep breathing all at the same time
  • Make coffee the night before and freeze it in an ice cube tray or leave it in the fridge overnight for instant iced coffee
  • Set alarms or reminders to keep yourself on schedule.
  • Make a playlist that’s the exact time of your morning routine and set different songs for different tasks
  • Portion out snacks, cut up fruit and veggies, portion out lunch meat, etc… to create a 30-second lunch making machine
  • Figure out how much sleep you need to function at your best, some of us only need 6 hours while others need 10
  • Batch make breakfasts or prep things like smoothie bags and overnight oats
  • Put your alarm on the other side of your room, at the end of your bed, etc… Just keep it away from your head so that you have to move to turn it off
  • Keep a cup of water by your alarm and drink it imediately after turning the alarm off
  • Set your clocks ahead by 15 minutes so that you aren’t late

Mornings don’t have to be a dreaded time. If you prioritize yourself and being organized, you can wake up early and have a mindful, healthy morning routine every day.

Morning routine checklists can be daunting. What do you need to put on them? What do you want to put on them? Why do you need one? Hopefully this post helped you decide what tasks you need to prioritize to have the perfect morning and get out the day on time every day.

Get your free Morning checklist by clicking the link below:

Motivational Morning Routine Checklist

Stress-free Morning Routine Checklist

Early Morning Routine Checklist

Healthy Morning Routine Checklist

Night Routine Checklist for a Successful Morning

Wrapping Things Up

I hope you learned a lot from this post. Remember, learning new things is pointless if you never practice them. Take the time to do trial and error to find your perfect morning routine.

Soli Deo Gloria,

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