70 Blog Post Ideas to Explode Your Traffic in 2019

70 Blog Post Ideas to Explode Your Traffic in 2019

Hey Guys! Back in February I wrote, ‘88 Blog Post Ideas for When You Can’t Think of Anything to Write‘ and I’ve been meaning to do a part 2 to that post ever since.

Today, I’m sharing 70 more blog post ideas that way you never run out of things to write about!

I’ve broken the blog posts into 5 different categories: Blogging, Branding, Advice, Self-Love, and Happiness! I Hope you enjoy these ideas! If you write any blog posts with any of these ideas, let me know! I’d love to read what you do with these ideas!

Blog Post Ideas About Blogging

  1. What you wish you knew when you started blogging
  2. Where you find inspiration for blog posts
  3. The side of blogging that no one talks about
  4. Your secrets to blogging consistently
  5. How to choose your blog nich
  6. How blogging helps you grow as a person
  7. Why batch producing content is important
  8. Why You Should Start a Blog
  9. How blogging helps you grow as a person
  10. Things you’ve learned from blogging that you didn’t expect
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  1. How to Brand a Blog
  2. Why Branding is Important
  3. The Most Important Part of Your Brand
  4. How to Find Your Ideal Audience
  5. How to Cater Your Blog to Your Ideal Audience
  6. Your Top Tips to Grow Your Audience
  7. How to make a branding inspiration board
  8. How to Define Your Message
  9. Why Consistent Branding is Important
  10. Why Colors Matter in Your Brand

Advice Blog Post Ideas

  1. Tips to Stay Motivated
  2. How to Stop Procrastinating
  3. Tips to Get Stuff Done When You’re Having a Bad Day
  4. Tips to Stop Caring What People Think
  5. How to Forgive People Who Have Hurt You
  6. How to Write a To-Do List You Can Actually Accomplish
  7. Tips to Manage Time Efficiently
  8. How to Accept Change
  9. How to Believe in Yourself
  10. Why You Need Boundaries in Every Relationship

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  1. How to Accept your Flaws
  2. How to find your purpose
  3. Tips to Let Go of Guilt
  4. Different Types of Self-Care
  5. Why Everyone Needs to Practice Self-Care
  6. Tips to Deal with Loneliness
  7. How to Invest in Yourself
  8. Why Investing in Yourself is Important
  9. How Journaling can Help You Love Yourself
  10. 7 Books that you recommend to help you love yourself

Happiness Blog Posts

  1. A list of funny quotes that make you smile
  2. Bad habits you broke that made you happier
  3. Tips to stop regretting stuff that happened in your past
  4. How to stop complaining
  5. How patience makes you happier
  6. Where you find happiness
  7. How to let go of expectations
  8. Why expectations are the thief of happiness
  9. How gratitude makes you happier
  10. Why you have to learn to love the process to be happy

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  1. Tips to Stay Organized
  2. Your Favorite Apps for Productivity
  3. Bullet Journalling Tips and Tricks
  4. Quotes About Productivity By Successful People
  5. How to Use a Planner to Actually Be Productive
  6. Your Favorite Blogging Productivity Hacks
  7. How to Stop Procrastinating
  8. How to Stick With Your Goals
  9. Writing a To-Do List You’ll Actually Finish
  10. How to Find Work-Life Balance

Search Engine Optimization

  1. Pinterest and SEO
  2. Steps to Flawless SEO on Every Blog Post
  3. How You Make Your Pinterest Images
  4. On-Page SEO vs. Off-Page SEO
  5. How Does SEO Work?
  6. What are the Differences Between PPC and SEO?
  7. Your Favorite SEO Strategies
  8. How You Find Keywords
  9. Backlinking 101
  10. Your Favorite SEO Tools

And that’s all the blog post ideas I have for today! Which one are you going to write today? Be sure to let me know if you use any of these ideas!

Soli Deo Gloria,

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