7 Reasons Your Startup Needs a Blog, TODAY + FREE Workbook!

7 Reasons Your Startup Needs a Blog, TODAY + FREE Workbook!

Hey guys! It’s Heather! For the past 6 months, I’ve worked for a small business doing SEO Content Writing. Throughout this journey, I’ve learned that it is so freaking important to have a blog for your startup!

That’s why today, I’m going to share 7 Reasons Your Startup Needs a Blog! And at the end of this post, there will be a FREE workbook that goes into detail about all the actionable steps you need to take to build a blog for your startup!


1. Blogs Curate Community

Writing blog posts about your company’s niche is a great way to build a dedicated community around your startup!

Helps You Target Your Startup’s Ideal Audience

Let’s say your company does social media marketing. When you write blog posts like ‘7 Tips to Grow Your Instagram Engagement.’ Or, ‘The Facebook Marketing Strategy that Works!‘ You can easily attract an audience that is already interested in growing their social media accounts. Once you have them interested, you can tell them all about how your company can help them grow all of their social media accounts!



2. Blogging is Foundational For Content Marketing

Fact: Blogging = More Content.

When you have more Search Engine Optimized blog posts on your website, you have countless ways to market to your ideal audience every day! You can even take the long-form content on your blog and turn it into short snippets of content to share on social media.

When you give away information for free, you show people that you really know what you’re talking about. And, you show them that their time is important to you and that you don’t just want to sell to them. You actually care about them and the message that they’re trying to spread.


3. A Blog Strengthens the Bond Between You and Your Clients

Blogging gives you and your entire startup more chances to interact with your clients through comments and emails!

It Humanizes You

It’s really hard to be fake when you’re blogging, because it’s a very personal form of communication. If you’re writing about things that you’re not really passionate about, your writing shows that you don’t care.

Blogging is fun because you have this place that doesn’t have a ton of rules and you can share your unique self with your audience. It’s a place where you can introduce your clients to the amazing people behind your company.

Increases Transparency

Like I said before, it’s really hard to be fake when you’re blogging.

It also gives your clients a chance to see deep inside of the people who they’re working with. And, they can see that you really know what you’re talking about and that you’re not full of it.

Tells your clients what you do

Blogging gives your audience a chance to see in-depth exactly what your startup does.  You can explain in great depth through multiple blog posts everything that you know and do in your industry.



4. Generates Content for SEO

If you have a website (which, if you’re a company in 2018, you better have one.) Then you know all about those three words: Search Engine Optimization. (And if you don’t, you better go research them and start implementing them. Because they are essential to having a website that generates traffic.)

What’s great about blogging is that it is a very easy way to constantly be producing SEO content for your website.

Inbound Linking Generation

Blogging also gives you a place to produce more webpages to do inbound linking and outbound linking through.

Long-tail and Short-tail SEO

I love blogging for SEO because you can easily target very specific long-tail and short-tail keywords in specific blog posts thus giving your website an overall SEO boost!



5. Funnels Sales

When you write blog posts about one of the services/products that your company provides, you can easily funnel sales towards that item. This works in several ways because you can take the longform content of the blog post and turn it into social media posts promoting the initial blog post that funnels sales. Or, you could use the short-form content from the blog post and use it to promote the services/products specificially!


6. Instigates Discussion

One of the best parts of blogging is that people have the ability to comment their thoughts and questions on your blog posts and you can have a personal disscussion with people!

No-Pressure Communication with Clients

Your blog posts are also a great place to share your wealth of knowledge of your industry with your clients in a non-salsey way.


7. Self-Promotion

Let’s be real, blog posts are a great way to do self-promotion of your startup. They’re a simple way to produce content that funnels sales directly to your products and/or services!

Funnels Social Media Traffic

Having a blog is a great place to funnel your social media traffic to. When your potential customers ask a question, you can direct them to blog posts you’ve already written on the topic that answer all of their questions. And, those blog posts can then direct that traffic directly to your products and/or services!



Get Your FREE Workbook!

Now, all of these reasons are great and I hope I’ve convinced you to start a blog for your website or to use an already existing blog more! But, I bet your asking yourself “How do I start a blog?” That’s where this Free Workbook comes into play! This simple yet in-depth look at starting a blog specifically for your startup will help you start the exact blog that you need today! Just Click the link below to download your FREE PDF Workbook! Also, this isn’t an opt-in, I’m giving this away completely for free!


How to Build a Successful Blog for Your Small Business Workbook


If you’re looking for an even more depth look at stating a blog, check out my ‘Start a Successful Blog in 11 Steps‘ blog post!


Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post! If you enjoyed it, be sure to share it on Facebook and Twitter or Pin it to Pinterest to share it with even more people!

Also, if you make a blog because of this article, email me or DM me about it on Instagram or Twitter, I’d love to read your writing! (And, I just might feature it in a future Blogs I Love post!)


Soli Deo Gloria,




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