How to Skyrocket Your Blog Views with a Facebook Page!

How to Skyrocket Your Blog Views with a Facebook Page!

Facebook is a platform that has become very controversial in the past year with everything about Mark Zuckerberg coming to light. Back in April, I watched this video: ‘Zuckerberg Elected Trump – The TRUTH about Facebook Data Security‘ by Valuetainment. It made me rethink how I do marketing on my Facebook Page. I still use Facebook most days even though I know that the data on it doesn’t appear to be all that secure. I’m just careful about what I post, where I post it, and how I post it.

Today, I’m going to teach you how to scrupulously use your Facebook page to funnel people to your blog.

As someone who doesn’t remember a time before the internet existed, I’ve always been aware of the dangers of posting things online. My parents taught me that once something is online, it’s on there forever – whether you delete it or not. Now, I’m not saying that this is 100% true, but it does help me to think more critically about what I post online and where I post it.

Alright, that’s enough about the scary reality of the internet. Let’s learn how to use this amazing tool to grow our communities!



Have a Facebook Page (Or Two!)

If you’re not already using a Facebook page for your blog, then what are you doing? Facebook pages are an amazing way to generate leads to your site. And, they help you to connect with your community. They also give you a place to direct people to when they ask about what your blog.

Facebook pages are 100% free and take maybe 15 minutes to set up. I’ve found that they’re 100% worth the effort because they form the hub of everything that’s connected to your business. Whether that’s sharing Instagram posts, blog posts, or anything else to do with your blog. Facebook can help you cultivate a close-knit community that loves everything about you and your blog.

I currently run 2 different Facebook pages for my blog. The first one is Heather’s Ambitions. I use this page as more of a community and personal page. I share blog posts I’m reading on it, updates about my blog, blog posts I’ve written, etc… The other one is ‘Daring to Inspire‘ and I use this page for everything that has to do with Daring to Inspire. Whether that’s sharing my Instagram posts and stories, connecting with the Daring Nation Community. Or updating you all about new things that are coming to Daring to Inspire!

However, on the flip side of all this, is the reality that the younger generations, are spending less time on Facebook. They’re opting for other platforms like Instagram or Twitter instead. While it’s important to use social media to help you grow your blog. It’s even more important to understand where your ideal audience is hanging out. If you’re primarily targeting Generation-Z, you might have better luck targeting them on Twitter or Instagram. Instead of focusing all your time on Facebook.



Update your About Section Frequently

Your about sections on every platform are extremely important to keep up to date and your Facebook page is no exception. These sections of your business help people connect with who you are and what you’re doing. Your story is what people will connect with and share.


What You Post on Your Page Matters More than Having One

Now, this is a very out-there statement. But it’s 100% true if you have a Facebook page that you’re not posting on or that you only post cat videos on. It’s probably hurting your blog because the audience on there isn’t connected to your core values. (Unless you have a blog about cats, then go ahead and share as many cat videos as you want.)

People follow other people or organizations for 2 reasons – Information or Inspiration. You can Post about both of these on your Facebook page. And I encourage you to post about both of them – as long as what you’re posting is relevant to your ideal audience. Before you post something on your blog, think for a moment. ‘Will this content give my audience information? Or “Will it inspire them?” If the answer to both is ‘no,’ then don’t post it.


Remember the 80/20 Rule

You don’t want to only promote your blog on your Facebook page. Trust me, I know how tempting it can be to use this platform for self-promotion. But, when you only self-promote, you don’t cultivate a community around your blog.

Use the 80/20 rule to remind you that what you post should only be around 20% promotion of your blog. While the other 80% that you share should be the content of others that is relevant and valuable for your audience.

You could totally only share things that directly relate to your blog – whether that’s your own blog posts, life updates, pictures, behind the scenes, etc… But, I would highly recommend also sharing blog posts from others that are in your audience, answer FAQs regularly, freebies, etc… Just make sure everything that you’re sharing, is relevant for your audience and follows your brand.


Post Shareable Things

When you’re posting on your page, think ‘Would I share this to my Facebook if I came across it while scrolling?’ If you wouldn’t, think about why. Do you need to word it differently? Should you add a call to action? Do you need to use a different graphic? Can you share this information in a different medium, like video?

You need to get in the mind of your ideal audience. Ensure that the content you’re posting is things that they will be interested in and that they will want to share with their friends. If you’re unsure about what your audience is into, do some market research.


Be Authentic

There are hundreds of thousands of bloggers in the world but there is only one you. No one writes exactly like you do. There isn’t anyone else who has the experience that you have. Your originality is what makes your blog grow.

You have to be 100% yourself no matter what platform you’re on or where you are in life. Us humans are very emotional and relational beings. We crave connections with other humans. If you can provide amazing emotional and valuable connections while being 100% yourself, then you can do amazing things with your brand.

I’ve been fascinated by YouTube vloggers for years. It amazes me to see people like Casey Neistat reach 10 million subscribers while only sharing videos about his life. He is someone who has pretty much mastered the art of connecting with human emotions and providing valuable information while being 100% himself. Don’t be afraid to show your audience the person behind what you’re doing.


Be Valuable

I know it’s tempting sometimes to post something because you know that it will get a lot of attention. But, if what you’re posting isn’t valuable to your ideal audience, then your community won’t grow.


Call to Action

Everything that you post, no matter where you post it, needs to have a call to action. You need to know where your audience is coming from and where you want them to go. Whether that’s telling them that they need to ‘click this link’ or ‘share this post and tag someone who needs to hear this.’

Once you’ve curated content that’s inspirational or informative, you need to give people some direction about what they need to do next with this information.


Don’t Limit Your Posting Mediums

One of the best things about Facebook is the almost unlimited ways you can share information.


Video is the Future

For years, I’ve loved watching YouTube and other Video platforms. What’s unique about video content is that

Now, I definitely don’t take enough advantage of the video features on Facebook right now, but I’m definitely going to in the future. And, I’d highly recommend that you take advantage of these features too.

What I think sets Facebook apart from say YouTube is that it’s a ‘Social sharing website.’ Literally, the whole point of the site is to share information with other people. Then those people share that information with even more people. And the cycle continues on and on until the information is no longer relevant. Video is a unique information sharing format because there are so many different things that you can do with the medium. Which means you can reach even more people with it.



They say a picture is worth a thousand words. To be honest, I think they’re only worth around 900 words. Just kidding.

Sharing pictures on your Facebook page is a wonderful way to spark conversations within your community. Whether you’re sharing behind-the-scenes, professional headshots, or inspirational quotes with unique backgrounds. Pictures are an effective way to spread your messages to your audience.


Community is Greater than Competition

I don’t remember the first time I heard this phrase but I’ve loved it for years. It’s one of the guiding principles behind everything that I’m doing.

I’m not against competition among different companies. To be completely honest, the free market wouldn’t exist without competition. But when it comes to blogging and sharing information, community is truly greater than competition. When we take the time to build communities around our content and uplift other bloggers, our audiences grow closer and lift each other up.


Go Live

Going live on your social media is an amazing way to grow your community and give them an inside look into your authentic self.

Being live is an incredible way to grow your community because you get to interact with them on a very personal and relational level. They can ask you questions and you can answer them right then and there.


Challenge Your audience

Facebook pages give you a unique platform to do challenges with your audience. On Facebook, you have this group of people who are invested in your content. That means you can make videos, graphics, and posts all about a specific topic that your audience is struggling with. You can make graphics for other social media platforms to promote it and so much more.



Facebook is an incredible multi-faceted platform that I truly enjoy playing around with and generating a community on. But, because this platform is so interesting and has so many different layers to it, there is no way that I could touch on every part of Facebook Pages and other types of Facebook marketing in one blog post. That’s why I’m going to continue this mini-series on Facebook marketing in a few weeks! Get excited!

How are you going to work on your Facebook Page today? If already have a page, share it in the comments below! I’d love to follow you and get to know you better! If you haven’t started a Facebook page yet, you should go out and make one today and share the link to it in the comments below!


Are there any aspects of Facebook Marketing that I missed? Share your tips in the comments below with your Facebook Page!


Soli Deo Gloria,


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