10 Reasons You Should Write TODAY!

10 Reasons You Should Write TODAY!

Growing up as a writer, meant that I would write whenever I could and on whatever I could. I have dozens of notebooks and documents that have my heart and soul spelled out with 26 different letters. My whole childhood,  I was either writing a story with my hands or in my head. I knew that someday I would turn my thoughts and ideas into something that people would read.
Like most people, I have days where I’m not motivated to write. That’s why I’m hopefully going to inspire you with these 10 Reasons You Should to Write today.

1. Inspiration

Writing is like most things. You think you need to be inspired to write, but I’ve learned that once I start writing, I become inspired. Sit down, open your laptop or grab a notebook and write what’s on your heart. Eventually, you’ll feel inspired. Or, your words could inspire someone else.
I can’t count the number of articles and books that I have read that have inspired me. Countless well-written novels have inspired me to make writing a habit. I know that if I keep it up, one day I’ll write something that will inspire others.

2. Your Writing Can Have a Positive Impact

We hear so many negative things in this world every day. I know that you have positive things in your brain, you need to write them down and share them with this dying world. We could all use a little dose of positivity every day.

3.  Writing can Bring Healing

I’ve found the most healing in writing. I have countless journals, word documents, and notes on my phone that are filled with the words that have helped me heal. Even if no one ever reads the words, writing helps me to process things that have happened to me. Some days, I go back and read them and remember what I’ve gone through and how far I’ve come.
More often than not, I write my deepest thoughts while I’m lying in bed trying to go to sleep. Perhaps someday I’ll share them.

4. Written Words can Express Yourself in a Way that Spoken Words Can’t

I’ve always been someone who’s brain moves faster than my mouth. Which has made me struggle for years to be able to express who I am with my tongue. Then one day, I picked up a pen and a notebook and I started writing what I was thinking and feeling. Not to be cliché, but my life hasn’t been the same since.
I am not a writer because I have a blog or because I’ve written a couple of (terrible) books. I am a writer because my fingers can express my thoughts a million times better than my tongue can.
Writing is my voice and if you’re a writer, you know how powerful that voice can be. Don’t be afraid to use your voice.

5. Venting

You can vent in a notebook or a document on your computer and get it all out without bothering anyone. That way, you won’t keep thinking those negative thoughts.
Venting in a notebook is one of the most therapeutic things I’ve ever done. I don’t often read what I write when I’m venting, but the act of writing it out gets the thoughts out of my mind and onto a piece of paper. Putting the thoughts on paper keeps me from using them to tear someone else down.

6. You Can Explore Yourself or Another World!

Writing can help you explore who you are inside. The topics that you write about help you learn who you are deep down and what interests you.
Or, you can explore a new world that only you know about in your brain! You have the power to create entire worlds and universes with your fingers!

7. Write to Leave a Legacy

The words that you write can leave a legacy. And they will!
  • They will help your future self understand who you are right now.
  • They can help future historians understand what it was like to live today. What we are scared of and what makes us tick.
  • If you have children in the future, they can understand what it was like to live right now
  • You can inspire others to write
  • You could inspire a whole generation to make their dreams a reality

8. Write to Practice Writing

The more you write, the better you’ll get at it. I realized that I’m a writer when I was 12 years old. In the past 7 years, I’ve grown both as a writer and as a person. And, I have a written history of that growth because I took the time to write.
Some days, I go back and read my first blog posts and I’m shocked by how much I’ve grown as a writer in 15 months. You don’t have to take any fancy writing courses to learn how to write better (you totally can and if you’re able I’m sure they’d be helpful). Just sit down and write, you’ll improve with each page that you write.
Don’t give up on yourself.
 Colorful calligraphy pieces hanging from clothespins on a piece of string

9. Writing is Cathartic

Writing is the most cathartic thing that I have ever tried. It helps me release stress and get the depressing thoughts out of my mind. It helps me process things that I’ve been through and move forward from them.

10. Your Words Could Change the World

Something that you write today could change the world of tomorrow. Most of the time, what I write seems simplistic and boring. I’ve learned that the more I write, the better I get at articulating myself. I know that someday, I could write something that will change the world.



Why do you write? What is your favorite medium for writing? Share your thoughts in the comment section below, I’d love to hear from you!


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