6 Tips to Be a Time Management Expert

6 Tips to Be a Time Management Expert

Time Management is something that I have struggled with for as long as I can remember. Apparently, once you become an adult, you don’t magically become good at managing your time. I know, I’m shook too. Evidently, you actually have to implement tips and things to have a manageable schedule. Or to have a “schedule,” period.

One thing I’ve learned in the past year is that, if you want to have a lot of free time, don’t become a content creator. I freaking love my job, but it’s a LOT of work. The words “Content Creator” and “Free Time” don’t belong in the same sentence. Because even when I’m not “working” I’m learning or brainstorming ideas. Seriously, my brain never stops planning cool shots for videos. And, when I’m watching YouTube or TV shows for fun, I’m always paying attention to the cinematography and thinking about how the achieved different shots and what it would take for me to get similar shots. Because of this, I’ve had to learn a lot of tips and tricks to become satisfactory at time management.


I’ve Become so Busy in 2018 That I’ve Had to Become Good at Time Management


2018 began with me running my blog, Two Instagrams, 1 Twitter, a FaceBook page (or two? I honestly forget when I started all the pages that I have) and I wrote monthly for Hannah Ashton Content. As 2018 progressed, I slowly added on more and more things to my never-ending To-Do list. A third Instagram and a second Twitter were where I started. Then, I re-designed my entire blog and relaunched it with an entirely new theme and mission. I also started a YouTube Channel, made several more Facebook pages, and I started a “real” job.


As a result of all that, I’ve had to learn a lot of tips and tricks over the past few months to help me manage all these things. Because I’m only one person and if it was up to me, I would forget everything and watch YouTube all day instead of trying to get stuff done.


Alrighty, let’s talk about some Time Management Tips!


1. Have Specific Days for Specific Tasks

I learned this tip from Evan Carmichael. One time, I was watching a bunch of his videos, and he mentioned this trick. I tried it and it’s become one of the best things I’ve implemented to help me manage my time in an efficient manner. This tip also keeps me from getting bored because I’m doing the same thing every day.

My week typically looks something like this:


Monday: Writing Day

I do my best to completely write out my weekly blog posts on Mondays. This means doing all the SEO, pictures, tags, making Pinterest images and scheduling it. That way, I don’t have to think about it for the rest of the week. If I have enough time, I also get started on the next week’s blog post and pre-write most of it to make the next Monday easier.

Pre-writing has saved my blog on several occasions. I’m a master procrastinator and I tend to save things to the last-minute. This typically results in mediocre content that I put up because I needed something to go up. But, leaning to prep posts ahead of time ensures that I always have well-written content ready to go. But yeah, I’m still working on this, there was no blog post last week because I prioritized other things over my writing. Someday I’ll get really good at this. It’s a huge goal of mine to someday have content going up 5 days a week.


Tuesday: YouTube editing day

I spend anywhere from 6-12+ hours editing my video for the week, I try to get the entire thing edited, exported, uploaded to YouTube, and do all the end screen annotations, cards, description, tags, etc.. on Tuesday.  Ensuring that, on Thursday, all I have to do is push publish and promote it on social media. I have to set aside an entire day for this because it takes literally ALL day if not 2 or 3 days to completely edit a video and get it ready to publish.

I seriously love YouTube and wouldn’t trade it for anything. It’s a lot of work but it’s definitely worth it. In fact, today I spent 3 hours filming a recipe that will go up in a week or so.I could film and edit videos all day long if I had the choice.

I’m barely starting my channel but it’s quickly morphing into a huge passion project. I’m a big nerd who adores everything to do with technology. From cameras to computers to building websites. I love teaching myself new ways to use technology to help others. Someday, I”ll hire a bunch of people to help me produce content that has even higher quality.


Wednesdays: Email Writing Day/Finish Editing YouTube Video

Now, the email writing doesn’t always happen. I’m still working on getting back to sending out weekly emails. But, setting aside a specific day for it helps me get my life together enough enable me to send these out. I haven’t sent one out in a while because life has happened, but I will send one out soon!

Most of the time, I use Wednesday’s to finish editing my video for the week. I’ve gained a lot of respect for YouTuber’s since I’ve started my channel. I’ve loved YouTube for years but I never realized just how much work goes into conisistinly producing content. From the planning to the filming, to the editing of the videos. Until I started doing it myself. I’m at the point with my YouTube that if I could only make videos all day long, I would.


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Thursday: Get My Life Together Day

This was a day that I added recently and it’s amazing. On Thursdays, I finish any tasks that I didn’t do during the rest of the week, clean my bedroom, do my laundry, plan out the next week, etc… Doing those little things that I often don’t have time to do during the rest of the week. I also, try to take the time to plan out the menu for the next week. That way, I’ll be able to plan my work schedule around making meals.

Adding in this day near the end of the week gives my brain a little break from the constant creativity. On top of that, it helps me plan out the rest of my life to keep me from stressing. Because, if you know anything about me, I stress way too much about way too many things.


Friday: Social Media Prep Day

I try to post on Instagram 5 times a week, although this doesn’t always happen. I am a type-a person and if a picture isn’t perfect, I won’t post it. I’m trying to be more vulnerable in my posts and not stress about them so much, but it’s hard.

You should totally check me out on Instagram if you don’t follow me already. I love sharing ‘professional’ photos of me, nature, food, art, and more! On my stories, you get a glimpse into my everyday life and see some behind the scenes of what I’m working on. Get sneak peaks of upcoming blog posts and videos, and be the first to know when new content goes live!

On Fridays, I edit pictures, brainstorm social media posts, update hashtag lists. And, if I have time, I’ll jump-start videos or blog posts for the next week and overall wrap up my week.


Saturday: Cleaning and Organizing

I typically spend Saturday’s cleaning and organizing and getting my life completely together. Just Kidding, my life isn’t together in any way, shape, or form. I just pretend I have everything together.

I try to take Saturdays off from my “real” job because I already stress too much about what I’m doing. Maybe someday I’ll have a better work-life balance. It’s pretty hard to have one when your office is 2 steps from your bed, but I make it work.

I will typically check emails, maybe work on blog posts, brainstorm content ideas, etc… It really depends on what I’m in the mood to do.


Sunday: Self Care

I take Sundays completely off from all work because it’s the Lord’s day. Also, I need one day a week to just live life. I read books, experiment in the kitchen, go to church, and hang out with friends and family and don’t worry about creating content.

On top of that, I try to spend the day practicing self-care. Doing little things that I don’t take the time to do during the week. Things like reading, calligraphy, sewing, or some other creative project.


2. Use a Planner and/or a Digital Calendar

I personally use both. Google calendar has saved my life in 2018. Using the Google Calendar app saves me hours of time because it syncs everything perfectly. Getting notifications on my phone about important things saves my life. And, hthe ability t input tasks, events, and meetings right on my laptop and boom, they’re immediately on my phone is the best thing in the world. I would literally forget everything and always be late if I didn’t use this.
I am also an old-fashioned person and I adore paper planners, notebooks, and all that cute stationary stuff. My plannerkeeps my every day to keep my life kind of together. Writing stuff out really helps me to not forget things and to prioritize what I need to.

3. Write EVERYTHING Down

Because I do 50 million things every day, I struggle to remember everything and get it done on time. Or, I can’t stop thinking about it and it distracts me from what I’m trying to do and stresses me out. To help with this, I write down everything.
The back of my planner is a Massive To-Do list that has everything that I want to do in the near future written out. I refer to this list weekly and try to cross stuff off of it. Honestly, I add more to this list then I check off of it.

4. Take Breaks When Needed

I feel as though this is something that we often forget about when we’re trying to manage our time. I’m the type of person who pushes myself as much as I possibly can and eventually I hit the inevitable crash. I had that happen back in May and it was kind of hard to come back from and I slacked off on a lot of personal goals. But, I needed that break because I had pushed myself too far. As I’m coming back to things and working on what I love again, I’m really trying to work within my limits to keep me from getting burned out.
Learning to listen to my body is one of the hardest things I’ve had to learn but also one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. Our bodies are designed to tell us when something is too much and we need to take a step back. Learn to hear those cues and act on them. Maybe take an hour break from work and read a novel, or take a week off and go hiking in the mountains and unplug from everything. Trust me, you’ll be even more motivated to work on your goals when you come back.

5. Keep Your Planners and Notebooks Organized

I have 4 notebooks and planners that I use pretty much every day. I love having different notebooks for different things to keep me organized, but that’s just how I roll. If you work better with one notebook and different sections in it, then totally do that. This whole article is about working with your brain and body to help you manage your time in the way that works best for you.
I could probably write an entire blog post about how I use different notebooks to keep myself slightly sane. They’re literally all so organized and color coded and yeah, I’m crazy when it comes to organizing things…

6. Basically, Just Keep Everything Organized and You’ll be Good

I know this is easier said than done. But if you do what you can to organize your life and continue to keep it organized, you’ll become better at time management and have lower stress levels. Take it slowly, start with one little thing at a time and build yourself up from there. Whether that’s planning out your meals for the next 3 days or organizing one drawer in your kitchen, everyone starts somewhere. Just start today.
Life is unpredictable, but taking the time to help you manage your time better will help you to lead a more fulfilled life because you won’t spend time stressing about the things that you forgot to do. Instead, you can use that brain space to help yourself and others to achieve your dreams and make a difference in the world.
Remember, one person can change the world if they believe in themselves and don’t give up.
Soli Deo Gloria, Heather
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