A Letter to my 18-Year-Old Self | 18 Lessons from 18 Years of Life

A Letter to my 18-Year-Old Self | 18 Lessons from 18 Years of Life

Last Monday, I celebrated my 19th birthday (say what!?) But, a few weeks ago, I wrote out this little letter of lessons that I learned after I turned 18. And, I decided to share most of them with you! (Some of them are a little to personal for the internet lol)

Well, here goes nothing:

Dear Heather,

Today, you turn 18! You’ve waited for this day for so long. Congratulations on making it through your childhood and teenage years! Welcome to the world of adulthood. Get ready for a year of adventure and lessons.

Life is full of lessons

Here are a Few Lessons to Remember During the Next Year

  1. Enjoy the happy moments. Don’t worry about them. Just sit back, relax, smile, and let yourself live. You can figure everything out later. You’re still young, enjoy these years, they don’t last forever.
  2. Pay attention to the warning signs in relationships.
  3. Listen to what other people have to say about someone. History has a funny habit of repeating itself.
  4. Remember, think logically, when you look at someone through rose-colored glasses, all the red flags just look like flags.
  5. When you start to question if someone is right for you, listen to your gut, it’s probably right.
  6. Continue to prioritize your physical and mental health. You only get one brain and one body, it’s important to take care of them.
  7. Don’t fight too hard for people to stay in your life. If they want to be there, they’ll show you by the effort that they put in.
  8. Don’t let yourself become bitter towards people who hurt you. They don’t deserve any more of your time. Forgive them and move on.
  9. Don’t be ashamed of your blog. It’s your passion project. People won’t understand it but that’s okay. You do you, that’s what really matters.
  10. Write out your feelings more. You won’t regret being able to go back and see how far you’ve come. Being able to see the hard days that you’ve been through, will give you the courage to keep going through the hard days of the future.
  11. Try to vent to people more. It’s okay. You let them vent to you. Somedays, you need to just get it all out of your system. You’ll feel better afterward.
  12. Try to understand that it’s okay to not be okay all the time.
  13. It’s okay to cry. Feel those emotions. Let them out. Crying is normal. It’s a good thing. You’ll feel better after you do it.
  14. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Volunteer more, open up to new people more, love more, smile more, say yes to that opportunity. You’ll be surprised by the amazing things that can happen when you do this.
  15. Embrace your hobbies. They’re part of who you are. Take more pictures, write more, cook more, sew more, read more, keep learning about the things that interest you. You’ll appreciate these talents in the future.
  16. Take more time for yourself. It’s okay to take a day to watch TV and dance to your favorite music. Your mental health is important. Even if no one is there for you, you still need to be there for yourself. Let yourself relax. Embrace the stressful days. Learn when everything is too much and be okay with stepping back.
  17. It’s okay to lay on the floor and listen to the music that helps you heal for an hour or four.
  18. Life is full of stress, laughter, tears, friendships, heartbreak, and so much more. Everything makes life more interesting. Embrace all the seasons of life and accept yourself for who you are and where you are in life.

You’re Going to Have an Amazing Year Full of New Lessons

You’re going to grow a lot as a person. You’ll go through heartbreak. You’re going to become actually bitter towards someone for the first time. You’ll learn how amazing it feels to actually forgive someone. You can do this. I believe in you. The lessons you learn from this year of life will help you so much in the years to come.

Soli Deo Gloria,

19-Year-Old Heather

What did you think of this post? What tips/lessons have you learned over the past year? Which one of these hit the hardest? What tips do you have for your 18-year-old self? Let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear from you!

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