How I Run 4 Different Instagram Accounts Without Going Crazy

How I Run 4 Different Instagram Accounts Without Going Crazy

Yes, I have four different Instagram’s (well, 5 if you count my personal private one but that’s a whole other story.) I actually try to post on them 6 days a week (sometimes it’s more like 4, but it just depends on how my week goes.) Does this make me seem crazy? (Probably.)


Here are 7 Tips For Running Multiple Successful Instagram Accounts

(Okay, semi-successful mine are still pretty small)


1. Come up with a feed/theme for all of your pictures

Even if it’s something as simple as all of your pictures having something white in them or if it’s the way you edit them.

Take your time and figure out what you like in other Instagram accounts. Look at how their pictures fit together. What do they all have in common? Are they super saturated? Do they all have blue undertones? Etc… Doing this research now will help you with your feed later. But, don’t copy someone else’s Instagram. Take what you like from their feed and make it your own.

My feed is just the way I edit my pictures. They’re all really saturated, colorful, and have cool, blue undertones.


2. Have a specific type of picture(s) that you post on your account.

My blog Instagram is a conglomeration of me. It has pictures of people, food, coffee, art and nature.

My coffee Instagram only has picture of coffee or things that have to do with coffee. (no duh) My cooking one only has pictures of food I’ve made. And, my art one only has pictures of art.

Take the time to figure out what kind of pictures you wan to post. Maybe it’s nature, or calligraphy, or t-shirts, or something else. Knowing what you post will make it so much easier to have pictures ready to post.


3. Take Pictures of everything that goes with your theme

Whenever I’m outside and there’s a pretty sunset happening or I see some nature that I really like that would go with my theme I take a picture. Or, when I’m drinking coffee I take a picture of it. I don’t always use these pictures but it’s nice to have them on hand just incase I don’t have anything else to post. And, I do use them most of the time…


4. Edit a bunch of pictures at a time to have ready to post.

Whenever I edit pictures, I edit like 10 at a time, so that, I have them ready to go. It saves me so much time because I can put on a podcast and spend 30 minutes editing all of my pictures for the week.


5. Have a consistent way of editing your pictures.

This will save you time editing because you don’t have to start from scratch each time. And, your feed will go together easily because your pictures already flow together.


5. Be active

If you want followers on any account anywhere, you have to be active on it. Respond to comments. Follow people. Search hashtags and like pictures. Like and comment on the posts of people you follow, etc… Making friends on social media will help you in the long run.

There isn’t really a way to get big fast on any platform. You have to put in hours of work to build up your following. Be patient.



6. Use a feed planning app.

I have 4 Instagram accounts and I only use this tip for one of them because I’m too cheap to upgrade the app. And, my other accounts don’t matter as much because I edit all of my pictures the same and I post the same type of stuff on each one. It’s just the individual content that changes per account. Also, this app saves me a lot of time (I use Preview) because I plan out my posts about a week in advance and it’s quick to go in, find the picture, upload it and add a description and hashtags.


7. Write out hashtags ahead of time and copy and paste them into your descriptions

I took the time a while back to come up with 15-20 general hashtags for each kind of picture I post. That way, I only have to copy and paste them and add another 10-15 that are more specific to the pos. This saves me seriously so much time.

How many hashtags do you use on your post? I’ve heard both sides of the debate (both using only a few and using all 30) and I use 20-30 typically, because I believe the more you use the more chances you have of being found. And, that’s worked pretty well for me.


And, that’s all of my tips for today! I do every single one of these tips almost daily and they’re really paying off! Let me know which ones you do already and which ones you’re going to start using, in the comments below!



Alright, let’s get into why I have 4 Instagrams in the first place:

Daring to Inspire is the one I use for this blog. On it, I share pictures of food, nature, myself, and art. It’s a lot of fun to make my feed look really good with such a variety of pictures. This account currently has 337 followers and I’ve been running it for exactly10 months as of today.


Inside Shorty’s Brain is the one I use for my YouTube Channel and to share pictures of my art. I love calligraphy, sharpie tattoos, pencil drawings, and more. This was my first public Instagram and I’ve been running it for about 18 months now. It’s been through several different names because my goals for it have changed. But, the content really hasn’t changed much. This account only has 197 followers but that’s because I’ve only been posting regularly on it for just over a month. I’m glad it’s growing again though.


Cooking With Heather is the place where I can indulge entirely in my love of food and food photography. I share lots of pictures of food and that’s about it. LOL. IDK what else to say about this one other then it’s all food. As of right now, this account has 134 followers and I’ve been running it for about 3 months.


Coffee Fuels My Blog is the place where I share my love of coffee and blogging. But, mostly coffee. #CoffeeFuelsMyBlog was a hashtag I started with this post and I loved it so much I started using it on all of my pictures. And, now I have a whole Instagram about it. But, this hashtag is true. My blog would not exist without coffee. Are you a coffee person?  Also, this Instagram is a great place for me to indulge in my love of taking pictures of cream being poured into coffee…  As of right now, this account has 88 followers and I’ve been running it for about a month and a half.


Okay, I want to say, I am not a professional photographer or photo editor. About half of my pictures on my Instagrams are taken with my parent’s camera its a Sony a600. And, the other half I take on my cell phone which is the Samsung Galaxy S7. I use a free photo editing app on my phone: Adobe Photoshop Express and sometimes Snapseed if I want to adjust a specific part of a picture or crop it easier. And, that’s it. Cause I’m cheap.


Thank you so much for reading this post! What tip are you going to start implementing? How many Instagram accounts do you actively use? Comment below! I’d love to know!

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Soli Deo Gloria,


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