7 Reasons to Have a Morning Person Routine

1. More time for Food

No joke though, thinking about breakfast gets me out of bed 99% of the time. (The other 1% is an actual commitment but those are rare.)

Okay, here are some better reasons:

2. It’s quiet

I grew up with 6 siblings and we’re always loud and obnoxious. Getting up earlier means that I can have quiet time in the stillness of morning to spend with myself and God. I love sitting on my porch and reading my bible while drinking coffee. It’s the best feeling in the world!

3. You get to see the Sunrise

I see the sunrise like 3 times a year but I want to see it more. I need to work on that. I miss getting up early. Dang, I never thought I’d say that…

4. You’re More Creative/Productive

At least, I know I’m more creative and productive in the morning. I can also focus better. I don’t know why. It’s weird but helpful

5. Exercise is easier

There’s nothing like crushing a workout while the sun is rising. It’s a glorious way to start the day. You burn some fat, boost your energy, and re-focus your mindset for the day.

Now, this isn’t something that I currently practice. I’ve found that exercising in the early afternoon or evening works best for where I am right now. But, I did enjoy exercising in the morning when I did this and I’d highly recommend it to everyone.

6. No rush

Getting up earlier means you have more time to get ready for the day. You can eat a healthy breakfast, read a book, exercise, get ready in a more relaxed way, etc…

7. You’re happier

Okay, maybe this isn’t everyone,  but it is for me.

I don’t know what it is, but I’m always in a better mood when I get up earlier. It changes how my whole day goes. You should totally try it!

Question of the day, what time do you usually get up? Do you have any reasons for getting up early that I missed? comment them below!

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Thanks for reading this 🙂

Soli Deo Gloria

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