Blogs I Love – January 2018 Edition + Blogging Tips!

Blogs I Love – January 2018 Edition + Blogging Tips!

Hello Peoples of the internet!

It’s time to bring back the Blogs I love Series on Daring to Inspire !!! Who’s excited to find new, awesome bloggers this year?

I’m doing something different with these posts this year. I’m going to reach out to every blogger before I post the post and ask them to answer one question about blogging. That way you can learn something from these great bloggers!

This month, I asked all the bloggers what they’re number one tip for other bloggers is!  First, I’m amazed at how many of them actually replied. I’m extremely honored that they would take the time out of their day to reply to an email from a small blogger like me. Second, I love all the tips and I can’t wait to share them with you! I love how different everyone’s tips are!

What question should I ask next month? Comment below! And, if you’d like to be featured next time, comment below with a question, tell me a little about yourself and your blog and link to your blog! I will read every comment and check out every blog! And, hopefully, you will get chosen for the next one! Please, don’t be hurt if I don’t pick you, you will be added to a list for future posts. I only put 10 blogs in each month, so I can’t do everyone.

Also, the blogs aren’t in any particular order I just like counting…



Katherine from Slightly Savvy

I found Katherine through this blog post on In Search of Sheila: 7 Ways to Stand Out as a Blogger and Get Noticed and from watching the workshop she co-hosted after the post. I’m just gonna say I wish I found her sooner. Her branding and PR tips have been extremely influential for me in starting my blog. I’m so impressed with how she has jumped out of her comfort zone and launched her own PR firm! She is smart, open, caring, joyful, and amazing!


Katherine’s Number one tip for bloggers is:

“My number one tip for bloggers would be to innovate and be different –  this can apply to so many areas blogging. For example, in your content, try to break out of the mold of what everyone else is doing. Put your own unique spin on it. Another example is with working with brands- just because everyone is doing sponsored posts doesn’t mean you have to. Maybe you can create sponsored newsletter or sponsored Instagram lives.
I think this is so key to standing out in blogging. The only way you’re going to break through is to do something different – instead of following the same step-by-step plans and doing exactly what everyone says you should be doing.”


3 Posts that I love from Katherine that you should totally check out are:

2 PR Ways to Boost Brand Engagement + Growth Hack Your Audience

3 Tweaks Bloggers Should Make to Combat the New Facebook Algorithm Change

How to Leverage Reading as a Blogger + Influencer: Tips for Mind-Sharpening


Katherine’s Social Media





Karyn from Karyn Allen

I met Karen through Hannah Ashton Content where we are both regular contributers to Hannah’s blog! Karen is a fellow introvert who is also super honest and talks about acceptance, finding beauty within yourself, being satisfied with who you are and more!


Karyn’s Number one tip for bloggers is:

“My number 1 tip for bloggers is to know why you blog. Even if you don’t have a specific niche, it’s important to know within yourself what your reason for blogging is. If you’re just starting out and like me, your blog is essentially an open journal of sorts, stick with that. If it’s to work on your writing and learn to write for an audience outside of yourself, work with that. If it is for you to share your personal experiences and give advice, that’s fine. If it’s to make money and become an influencer, that’s fine too. But knowing why you blog is what grounds you and will propel you to write, because of (ONE PERSON keeps returning to my site and that makes me happy) and in spite (I got ZERO likes on that post I worked really hard on) of the circumstances that come with blogging. Knowing why you blog will also determine HOW you blog! So have your own purpose for blogging. It doesn’t have to be your blog tag line or anything, but just know why you do it.”


3 Posts that I love from Karyn that you should totally check out are:

Single Or Taken?

The Drive

Greatness Takes Time


Karyn’s Social Media






Alex and Brett Harris and The Team  from
The Rebelution

Growing up, we had the books ‘I Kissed Dating Goodbye’ and ‘Do Hard Things’ around the house. But, I didn’t really know who Josh, Alex, or Brett Harris were. Then, in 2017 a friend introduced me to the Young Writers Workshop (which is run by Brett Harris). I joined, met a bunch of awesome people, learned a lot about writing, and got introduced to The Rebelution. I am not a part of Young Writers Workshop right now (cause money is a thing that exists.) But, I will never forget the time I was part of it. I would HIGHLY encourage you to join it and become part of the incredible community that it is!

The Rebelution is a blog that promotes a teenage rebellion against low expectations and it’s amazing! It’s filled with articles with advice for life, growing in Christ, and inspiration to live life to the fullest!

I was able to get in contact with Christopher Witmer the editor-in-chief for The Rebelution and he gave me this tip:

“Write from the heart. As my dad always said, Write from the head and you’ll reach heads. Write from the heart and you’ll touch hearts.”

3 Posts that I love from The Rebelution that you should totally check out are:

4 Things Teens Must Do To Rock the New Year

5 Reasons I’m Thankful I’m Still Single

7 Reasons You Should Be a Morning Person!


The Rebelution on Social Media





Alex from Alex Tooby

I found Alex either on Instagram or in a Facebook group. I don’t remember exactly. But, her advice for Instagram and growing your brand has helped me grow my brand exponentially! I’ve seen incredible results from just reading her blog posts and doing some of her free courses!

Alex lives to inspire people to go after their dreams and make them a reality. But, not only that, she gives you the tips and tricks that you need to actually take action with those dreams! She writes about growing your Instagram – how to use stories, what shadowban is, monetizing Instagram and much more!


Alex’s Number one tip for bloggers is:

“Join blogging Facebook groups and share your blog posts with the other members – this simple tactic can substantially increase the amount of comments and views you get!”


3 Posts that I love from Alex that you should totally check out are:

11 NEW Instagram Stories and Features & 3 of My Favorite Ways to Use Them For Your Business!

10 Reasons Why Your Account Isn’t Growing and You’re Constantly Losing Instagram Followers!

Instagram Hashtags – My Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts For Getting Quality Engagement and Attracting Followers


Alex’s Social Media:





Anna Sherchand

I don’t remember where I found Anna’s blog. But, I’m grateful that I did find her! She blogs about solo traveling and enjoying the minimalist lifestyle. All of her adventures truly inspire me to get out of America and experience the world!

3 Posts that I love from Anna that you should totally check out are:

Holiday Ideas to Make 2018 the Best Year Yet!

The 7 Best Travel Gadgets for 2018

Best Instagram Places in North Island, New Zealand


Anna’s Social Media








Claire From Claire’s Point of View

I think Claire found my blog first and then I found her blog consequently. She is a very encouraging and inspiring woman. She blogs about Mental Health (particularly Social Anxiety and Depression), music, love, and lifestyle.


Claire’s Number one tip for bloggers is:

“My advice for other bloggers is cheesy and quite cliché, but it’s to be yourself and do you. It’s no use blogging about things that do not interest you, because you’re not putting you 100% in your posts and blog in general. So blog about things YOU love, and showcase your passion for said topic.”


3 Posts that I love from Claire that you should totally check out are:

Why I Don’t Attend Events and Why it’s Ok

Songs That Talk About Mental Health

The Skinny on… My First Event as a Blogger


Claire’s Social Media




Cambria from Cambria Joy

I found Cambria on YouTube a year or so ago and I’ve been in love with her videos and blog posts ever since. She’s spunky, fun, inspirational, and a fellow Christian. She strives to help other’s live a healthy lifestyle mentally, physically, and spiritually!

3 Posts that I love from Cambria that you should totally check out are:

A Letter to My 16-Year-Old Self

How to Know if He’s “The One”

Top 5 Ways to Stay Motivated to Work Out

Cambria’s Social Media






Kristen from Well-Storied

I don’t remember where I found Kristen’s blog, but it’s amazing! She writes primarily about writing and getting published and everything in-between. Her writing advice is so helpful and inspiring and I really want to read her novels someday…

Kristen’s Number one tip for bloggers is:

Here’s my number one tip for other bloggers: “Blogging is about community, not about sales or page views (even if you are trying to grow your site or launch a side hustle). Always take the time to interact with readers as friends, to listen to their struggles, celebrate their successes, and lend a helping hand. They’ll do the same for you, and that level of love and support is contagious.”

3 Posts that I love from Kristen that you should totally check out are:

How to Build Your Author Brand (start selling more books today!)

How to Find Your Ideal Reader (and why you should get to know them ASAP)

10 Ways to Care for Yourself as a Writer


Kristen’s Social Media








Hannah from Daytrips and Diapers

I have known Hannah since I was 12-years-old. We met in the choir at my church. I remember the day I first met her like it was yesterday. I was very shy of my tone-deafness (something I still struggle with but I’ve improved a lot) So, I started as an alto (I was an alto for 2 months before my director switched me to soprano, I went back to alto 2 years ago and now I’m back to soprano…) But, back to the story, I was standing in front of my chair (probably warming up), when in walked this gorgeous young woman with her mom and several of her younger siblings. She ended up sitting next to me. I remember taking side glances at her throughout the rehearsal and all I could think about was how pretty she was and the fact that she looked a lot older than 16.

We weren’t ever close friends, but we were acquaintances during her two years in choir and I got to know the rest of her family as well. I’ve followed Hannah’s blog pretty much from its conception and it’s such an inspiration for me. I hope to be a world traveler someday like her.

Hannah primarily writes blog posts about the ins and outs of traveling with a toddler. While recently, her posts have had to do with TTTS and the twins that she is pregnant with.

3 Posts that I love from Hannah that you should totally check out are:

10 Things Only My Hubby Knows About Me

Ultimate Iceland Bucket List

Carlsbad Caverns – Journey to the Center of the Earth

Hannah’s Social Media





Quin from Queen Quin

I don’t remember where I found Quin’s blog, but it’s so inspiring! She is involved in the film industry and she’s a writer. Like most of us, she is at her core a creator. She is very open about her life and her struggle with Lupus. It’s so motivating to see how she isn’t letting lupus win, she’s fighting to live a semi-normal life and it’s awesome!

She blogs about Lupus, Inspiration, books, and travel!

Quin’s Number one tip for bloggers is:

“When you’re first starting out it’s easy to get overwhelmed by thinking about SEO, marketing, building your audience. etc. I think the best thing a blogger can do is just write from the heart and don’t kill yourself trying to be perfect from day 1. The more you blog, the more you’ll learn. All the things that overwhelmed you in the beginning will come with time. Just keep at it.


3 Posts that I love from Quin that you should totally check out are:

Lupus Facts: Insomnia is a B****

Cuba: 16 Travel Tips!

Key Habits Matter

Quin’s Social Media




And, that’s all of the blogs for today!

What question should I ask next month? Comment below! And, if you’d like to be featured next time, comment below with a question, tell me a little about yourself and your blog and link to your blog!

Did you like this post? Share it on Twitter and tag your favorite bloggers and give them a chance to read it and maybe get featured next time!

That’s all for today folks!

Soli Deo Gloria,

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