2017 Gave Me A Lot – A Poem by Heather

2017 Gave Me A Lot – A Poem by Heather


2017 Gave Me A Lot

2017 Gave me friends and took some away.

2017 took my childhood and gave me adulthood (I turned 18).

2017 gave me opportunities

2017 took my fears and made me face them.

2017 made my dreams a reality

2017 taught me that goals can change a lot in a year.

2017 made me realize how much I love rain.

2017 showed me the power of a hurricane.

2017 brought my family closer together.

2017 added family members.

2017 gave me a glimpse of love.

2017 showed me how close my church family is through the loss of a pastor.

2017 taught me the importance of priorities and what to prioritize.

2017 taught me that people and relationships always come first.

2017 grew my love for coffee and made me rely on it more and more.

2017 taught me that God has a reason for everything.

2017 brought me closer to God.

2017 showed me how incredible the blogging community is.

2017 taught me to let go of control and give that control to God.

2017 taught me that you can find friendships in the most unexpected places.

2017 showed me how important music is to me and how it connects people.

2017 showed me how much I rely on writing to tell my story.

2017 taught me that to get a friend you have to be a friend.

2017 showed me that prayer is the greatest thing in the world.


Thank you 2017 For Being Amazing

2017 was a memorable year. I learned a lot. I cried a lot. I laughed a lot. And, I let go of a lot. I trusted more. I got hurt more. And, I loved more.  2017 will be a year I will never forget. I grew a lot as a person. I don’t know how to truly find the words to express how much 2017 has meant to me.

This poem is a small piece of 2017. Every line has so many stories behind it. Maybe I’ll tell some of them this year. 2017 was a year that pushed me in so many ways and I will forever be grateful for that.

2017 gave me the greatest blog family I could ever ask for. I don’t really worry about the numbers. But, when I went and checked all of them, I’m shook! I can’t believe the stats I got last year!

2017 By the Numbers:

21 Followers on Pinterest
63 different countries that have visited my blog
72 Published Blog Posts
95 Likes on my Facebook Page
99 WordPress Followers
115 Email Subscribers (How? Y’all are AMAZING!!!)
150 Followers on Twitter
269 Followers on Daring to Inspire Instagram
300 Likes on my blog posts
337 Comments on my blog posts
1,805 Visitors to my blog
4,179 Views on my blog
4,627 Likes on My Instagram Photos
Soli Deo Gloria! – Truly, to God alone be the glory! I would have accomplished none of this without Him!


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