7 Steps to Be Your Most Productive Self – Girl Boss 101

7 Steps to Be Your Most Productive Self – Girl Boss 101

‘Girl Boss’ this is a word that has been thrown around a lot recently. What does a ‘Girl Boss’ look like to me? A girl boss is a woman who is working. Whether she works for a big corporation, herself, as a mom, at a restaurant, etc… She is someone who is striving to better herself. She is striving to improve her work. She strives to help other people. Everything she does has a ‘Why’ behind it. She is motivated, ambitious, and authentic.

I talk about ‘Girl Bosses’ here because I am a woman. But, this whole series could easily be used by guys too.

How do you define a ‘Girl Boss’?

1. Learn to Love Your Work or Find a Job that Makes You Feel Fulfilled at the End of the Day

  • If I don’t love what I’m doing, I procrastinate doing it a million times more.
  • The first step to learning to love something is to find your why. Why are you working at the job you’re at? Is it to make money? To help people? To learn about the business? Because you love food? Is it because it uses your strengths? Try to find a why that isn’t money based and you’ll love your job that much more.
  • I write my blog because I want to help other people to live the best life they possibly can. Whether that’s living a healthier life. Helping them to do their best work possible – my Girl Boss 101 series. Helping them learn about great, affordable products. I love encouraging other bloggers and giving back to this community – Blogs I Love Series. I also love to share life advice – How to Have the Best Single Life Possible. All of these things motivate me to work my hardest every day. I want to make a difference in other people’s lives. I use the medium of blogging to do all of these because writing is something I’m super passionate about and love doing!
  • What is your why? Comment it below! I’d love to know.

2. Set Big Goals and Use Them to Motivate You

  • Some of my goals are to have a self-hosted blog. To set up a business from my blog, whether that’s an online store. A coaching business. Or just affiliate marketing and sponsorships. I want to make enough money to move out of my parent’s house in the next 2-3 years. I don’t want to have to work a ‘real job’ as most people say. I have been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug and I don’t want to stop working till I reach my goals. And, then I’ll just set new ones.
  • What is one big goal that you’re working towards?

3. Write a To-Do List Every day

  • This is what helps me to be the most productive every day.
  • I write out my lists at the beginning of the week actually. Yesterday, was Sunday, I spent a couple of hours planning out my week. I plan out my blog posts about 2 months in advance so that when it’s time to plan out the coming week; all I have to do is see what posts are due what days and work my schedule around them.
  • Prioritize your day. To do this, pick your most important task of the day and do it first. For me, that’s writing or just editing my blog post for the day and publishing it. Once I finish that, I move onto the rest of my To-Do list.

4. Figure out What Time of Day You’re Most Productive and Take Advantage of it.

  • This tip is revolutionary. I see so many YouTubers and Bloggers that promote waking up at 5 AM and how it can change your life. While this is true for some people, you need to learn what time you are most productive at. For me, that is in the morning. But, I’ve also learned that I can’t get up before 6 very easily and even that is pushing it, for me, waking up at about 7 is ideal. But, I don’t actually start working till about 10 every day.
  • I know that if I can get to work on my To-Do list before lunch then I will have a productive day and hopefully get all of my work done.
  • But, I know that some people are ‘night owls’ they work best in the middle of the night. If this is you, try and take advantage of it if you can.

5. Turn Off Notifications on your phone and computer

  • To be honest, my phone is on silent more often then it’s not. I very rarely turn my volume on or my phone even onto vibrate. I like being in control of when I respond to people without having to worry about what they said.
  • I have push notifications turned off for pretty much every app. I don’t need to know who liked my Instagram post or when. I can just go to the app when I have time and see it then. Doing this for my email has been especially liberating. I have the Gmail app on my phone but, I only check it when I’m expecting an email from someone. The rest of the time, I just check my email on the computer.
  • When I’m trying to focus, I make sure all websites that have notifications aren’t up. I just get distracted by them way too easily.
  • Also, I love the mute button on my computer. I listen to the free version of Spotify all day long. And, that means that there are adds every so often. These can get really annoying and distracting, so most of the time, I just push the mute button.

6. Listen to Motivating but not Distracting Music

  • I have to be listening to something while I’m working. I guess growing up in a big family has made me despise silence… Also, my younger siblings are homeschooled so I can hear them pretty much all day long. Having music going drowns them out so I can focus.
  • Recently, I’ve been loving listening to French Pop music while I work. I don’t speak French so the words aren’t distracting. If I really need to focus, I’ll put on an epic classical Music playlist I found on Spotify. Fun fact, I love classical music… I can not listen to soft, calming music when I’m working, it just puts me to sleep. I have to have a moving beat and quick tempo. I just work so much better with it.
  • What music helps you work better?

7. Consume Inspiring and Motivating Content

  • Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the most motivating people I have ever listened to. (Warning, he does use some bad words.) He’s constantly fired up and passionate about what he’s working on. He actually doesn’t consider himself a motivational speaker. He just talks about his life and what he does and is just on fire for entrepreneurism.
  • I listen to several other motivating and inspiring people: Evan Carmichael, Patrick Bet-David, Tai Lopez, Hannah Ashton, and more. Comment below if I should do a post where I talk about my favorite YouTubers.
  • I also love reading business books and business blogs. These resources really encourage me to work hard and achieve my goals.
  • What content motivates you?


Soli Deo Gloria,

P. S. I want to hear from you!
How do you define a ‘Girl Boss‘? What is your why? What is one big goal that you are working towards right now? What music helps you to work better? What/who’s content motivates you?

Comment your answers below!

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