Blogs I Love – September 2017 Edition

Blogs I Love – September 2017 Edition

Hello, people’s of the internet! Particularly those of the blogging world! Today I’m sharing with Y’all my Blogs I love list from September! I had a lot of fun researching blogs for this post and picking some of my favorites. I’m constantly finding new blogs to read and my list of blogs to write about for this series is never-ending… I doubt I will truly every catch up with it…

As many of you know, this series is my way of promoting community over competition. I love sharing my favorite bloggers and 3 of their posts that I adore!

After you read this post, comment below who your favorite blogger is from this list!


Hallie Wilson from Among Other Things

Hallie was one of the bloggers who inspired me to start blogging, particularly blogging about fitness and lifestyle. She has been blogging for years and her following is constantly growing.

She is inspiring, motivational, funny, and most of all, she is authentic. I love how vulnerable she gets in some of her posts.

Here are 3 posts from her blog that I love.

But, she has so much amazing content on her blog that you need to go check it all out!

10 Things You Must Experience in Europe

8 Guaranteed Ways to Feel More Self-Confident Right Now

Why Do Bloggers go on Press Trips, Anyway?

Hallie’s Social Media:






Summer from Coffee With Summer

Summer, is a blogger who I found not too long ago and I’m obsessed with her blog and personality. She is adorable, relatable, funny, and her posts are very informative.

Here are 3 posts from Summer that I love!

How To (And Why You Should) Build Up Other Women

How To Get Your Blog Posts Shared

How To Prioritize Well

Summer’s Social Media




Cassie from Glittered By Cassie

Cassie lives to help millennial women creat confidence and kick self-doubt. Also, she is an avid latte drinker and you should totally check out her ‘How to Make the Perfect Latte Without an Espresso Machine’ post. I really want to make a latte now!


Here are three posts from Cassie that I love!

What It Takes To Be a Blogger

Why You Should Travel as Much as Possible

How To Make The Perfect Latte Without An Espresso Machine

Cassie’s Social Media







Sarah from Texasweettea

Sarah is such an authentic blogger. On her blog, she opens up about her experiences at college in Alabama. She is very open about being vegan and shares lots of tips for eating vegan. I, am not a vegan and doubt I could ever become one. But, I love learning about veganism and experimenting with vegan food.

What do you think about veganism?

Three posts I love From Sarah:

Easy Budgeting Tips For College Students

How to Grow Long Healthy Hair

How to Avoid the Freshmen 15

Sarah’s Social Media






Lauren Elizabeth from Ellduclos

Lauren is a blogger that I found through her Facebook page ‘Boss Girl Bloggers’ which I am a part of. Lauren promotes her message of believing in yourself and motivating you to live a happy life. She loves Coffee, wine, home decor, makeup, and more!

3 Posts from Lauren that I love:

How to Stay Motivated and Organized

20 Signs That You Are Now Adulting

How I Grew My Pinterest to 1.6 Million Views a Month

Lauren’s Social Media





Taylor Harrison from A Bit of Bravado

Taylor lives to spread a message of living authentically and living a confident life. She shares lots of practical tips and things to help you become these things!

Three posts from Taylor that I love

How to Be a Modern-Day Badass

Why You Should Stop Drinking Milk

11 Things You Should Do (at least) Once a Year

Taylor’s Social Media





Brendon and Jill from The Millenial Affair

Brendon and Jill are two people who I met through YouTube. I met both of them through Jill’s Vlog Channel (linked below). I started watching Jill’s vlogs at the beginning of 2016 and I’ve been hooked ever since. It’s hard to believe it’s been almost 2 years…

Jill is very outgoing and fun. She loves acting and is in a play right now! She has acted in a movie and other things.

Brendon is more reserved but loves to hang out with his friends and sells vintage clothing on his Etsy shop (also linked below). He is also an actor and I think that’s how they met but I’m not sure.

Their blog is all about living a trendy and fun life. They’ve traveled a good bit and absolutely adore food.

3 Posts that I love from Brendon and Jill:

Winter in Yosemite

Photo Diary: The Westin Resort in Costa Rica!!!

Mango Strawberry Smoothie

Brendon’s Social Media






Jill’s Social Media





Youtube – Main Channel

Youtube – Vlog Channel


Hannah from Hannah Ashton Content

I met Hannah through her YouTube channel and I adore her personality and her message of helping #BossBabes to be the best that they can be!

I read her blog pretty often, it’s fairly new. Her YouTube videos are incredible and I listen to her podcast all the time! Mostly when I’m getting ready for the day. It’s very motivational and informative.

3 Posts I love from Hannah:

How to Use FALL to Boos Your Following, Likes, and Engagement

15 #BossBabe Favorites to Get RIGHT NOW

#1 Tip for a Successful YouTube or Blog

Hannah’s Social Media




YouTube – Main Channel

YouTube – Vlog Channel



Monique from Monique’s Everyday Adventures

Monique is a blogger that I found about a month ago. I love her personality. She is originally from Germany but lives in the UK right now. It’s really cool to read about someone who lives ‘across the pond’ in England. I have loved learning about Europe for years and it’s really neat to see it from the perspective of a student living there!

3 posts that I love from Monique are:

The Yacht Classic Hotel | Fethiye

What I Eat In a Day | Holiday Edition

Delicious Vegan Brownies

Monique’s Social Media





Lena from Only Wear Dresses

Lena lives in Paris studying design, which is something that I find really cool. She uses her passions to inspire and ignite enthusiasm in her readers! She also loves dresses and her whole motto really inspires me to wear more dresses…


Three Posts I love from Lena:

Instagram Shadowbans: How to Fix Decreased Engagement

The High Maintenance Girl’s Guide for Packing Light

5 Tragic Makeup Mishaps Nobody Should Make

Lena’s Social Media




And, that’s all the blogs for this month! Which one was your favorite?

If you’d like a chance to be featured in one of these posts: Comment below your favorite blog from this post and why they are, a link to your blog and a bit about your message as a blogger! And, that’s it! If you wouldn’t mind, feel free to share this post on social media to continue the message of Community over Competition!

Soli Deo Gloria,

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