Blogger Recognition Award + Tips For New Bloggers!

Blogger Recognition Award + Tips For New Bloggers!

Hey guys! I was nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award and today I’m sharing my answers to the questions that this award asks!

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I want to thank Mary from Growing as They Grow for nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Award!

First things first, I want to apologize for taking 3 weeks to write this post. I guess Hurricane Irma is my excuse. I’m finally getting back into a normal schedule after the hurricane and it is amazing! I appreciated the short break that I was forced to have from Irma but I’m so happy to be back!


What is the Blogger Recognition Award?

It is an award made and passed along from blogger to blogger. It helps bloggers get to know each other, connect with each other, and promote Community over Competition.

Why Did I Start Blogging?

I don’t know how much I’ve talked about my beginning on here. But, I thought about starting a blog for about a year before I actually made one. It was always something that was a ‘Someday.’ Then, one day, I was talking to a friend and he said, ‘I don’t know why you don’t have a blog.’ And my only response was ‘I don’t know either.’ And about a week or so later, I went on played around with designs and onΒ  May 11, 2017, I pushed publish on my first blog post and the rest is history.

I started blogging mainly because I love writing. I have loved it since I was 10 when I wrote my first ‘book.’ I have also, loved photography since I was little and this blog helps me to cultivate that. Starting an Instagram last fall for a potential Etsy store got me into editing pictures. That Etsy store will most likely never happen and I now use that Instagram to share my art – calligraphy, and drawings. I struggle with a lot of Anxiety and trusting God and pushing myself to be my best. I love to use this blog to share my story to inspire others to keep running after their goals, because one day, your ambitions will become your legacy. Using this blog to open up about things that I’m struggling with has really helped me. Every comment I get means so much to me. On my last post, someone commented on it saying that it was inspirational and it made my day.

People are the reason that I share my story. I want to share the raw authentic side of me and show people that it is possible to make your dreams come true.



My Advice to New Bloggers

1. Know your Why

  • I know that this is so cliche for advice like this, but it’s so true! If you don’t know why you’re blogging then it is really hard to keep going especially in the beginning when you get barely any views, period.
  • It is SO easy to get caught up in the blogging bubble. I’m not proud to admit it, but it is so easy to measure your self-worth by the likes on a post or Instagram picture. Knowing why I’m blogging and that it is to glorify God through sharing my story and praying that He will use it to help others, keeps me grounded. I write Soli Deo Gloria (To God Alone be the Glory in Latin) at the end of my blog posts because it reminds me that this blog isn’t about me. It’s about what God is doing with my life and how I am glorifying Him through what I’m posting.

2. Make a Schedule for Posting, But Be Flexible

  • Having a schedule of what days I’m going to post and planning out my posts 2 months in advance really calms me. It helps me to be able to focus and know exactly what I’m doing every day. I didn’t do this in the beginning. I posted whenever I wanted to at first. Then I tried every weekday to post. But, the content wasn’t very good because if I was writing a post that was taking a while and had a lot of prep to do for it, I would stop and write a separate post to post that day. And, it just took a lot longer to do stuff and it wasn’t my best work.
  • BUT, be flexible. Know that some weeks life will happen and you won’t be able to post. Don’t let your blog control your life. Let your life control your blog.
  • Also, constantly be on the lookout for new blog post ideas. I get inspired sometimes by the most random things.
  • I’m also constantly taking pictures of scenery and such to use in blog posts. I don’t really ever use stock photos in my posts. I have for a couple of guest posts. But every picture in every blog post that I’ve written, either I took or a family member took. Fun fact, my little sister takes most of the pictures of me on here.
  • Don’t over schedule yourself in the beginning. Start out with one post a week and then increase it from there. If you start to get overwhelmed, decrease the amount you post. It’s easy to get burnt out. When you do, just take a break, relax, and come back to posting in a few days.



My Nominations for the Award

Elise Adkins from Adkins Domain

Charis Rae from Charis

Megan Anne from Love, Megan Anne

Moriah Simmonwich from Delighting in Him

Claudia and Michal from Part Time Travelers

The Sisters behind Sisters Creative

The Bucket List Project

Zach Philip from Zach


Soli Deo Gloria,


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