Fulfilled Longings – Bella D

Fulfilled Longings – Bella D


Fulfilled Longings

By: Bella D.


Across the room, I see a group of handsome guys hanging out. In their midst is a brilliantly beautiful girl about my age, laughing and chatting away about how her awesome her summer was.

Even though I’m standing with a group of my own friends and having a good time, I suddenly feel unpopular in the extreme.

Why don’t young men pay any attention to me? Am I ugly or something? Am I too quiet or reserved for their taste?

What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I be content, and undisturbed by what the guys think of me?

All women and girls long to be cherished and adored. Yours truly included.

Most of the time, we turn to men to satisfy our emotional needs. This is something I believe we were designed to do by our Creator, but I also believe that we rely too often upon human strength.

But these needs are something that God is fully capable of satisfying! He created us, and therefore He knows our flaws and weaknesses. Throughout Scripture, there are examples of His undying love for wayward, unpopular, rebellious, and even dirty and undesirable people.

One of my particular favorites is from Ezekiel 16, which tells the story of a baby girl out alone in a field, still bloody and messy from birth, naked and cold. For some reason, her parents didn’t want her, so they threw her away to fend for herself.

She was dying.

This baby needed to be rescued.

Rescue came in the form of a tall, strong man who was walking through the field. He came upon her and stopped. He could have turned away and left in disgust, but he didn’t. He took pity on the ill baby, and took his coat off and draped it over her. He picked her up and took her home.

He bathed and perfumed the baby, and dressed her in clean clothes, caring for her tenderly as a father would care for his daughter. This in itself is a touching story, because he really had no obligation to her. But he was in love.

The baby became a girl, and the girl became a woman. When she had grown up, her rescuer married her. For their wedding, he gave her beautiful presents of royal robes, bracelets, earrings and a necklace. The finishing touch was crowning her with a glorious crown as his queen.

She was famous for her loveliness, which she would never have had if her husband hadn’t nourished her. Even this man’s enemies respected his bride’s exquisite beauty.

But the bride did something unspeakably dreadful. She wandered from the presence of her husband’s rich love and began to look elsewhere for a better love that didn’t exist. She betrayed him.

You and I are like this bride.

We have wandered from an amazingly perfect love that only God can give, and sought other things that we thought would give us satisfaction. Boys, chocolate, makeup and clothes, music, glorying in our talents, we’ve looked everywhere! How insulting has this been to God?

Yet he still loves us. Just like the groom from Ezekiel was still in love with the woman he rescued.

One of the biggest problems is that we don’t spend enough time getting to know the one who gave all for us. We say we are Christians, but we continually look to others for contentment.

In other words, we say that we are married to the best person in the world, and yet we repeatedly are unfaithful to him.

We all need to read more of His word and spend more time talking with Him. It takes discipline, hard work, and diligence. How much are you willing to give in return for the gifts He has given you?

In the end, we’ll be more fulfilled than ever.



Bella D. is a young writer who yearns to serve the Lord and further His kingdom with her pen. She loves to garden, sew, write and fellowship with her family and friends and three cats.


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