The Fight to Live

The Fight to Live titleI want to preface this post a little bit. I had an odd burst of inspiration last Friday and wrote this. It’s completely fictional. But it’s also a bit of a spin off of mental illnesses as if they were actually demons instead of just inside of you. I will say, this story is more graphic then the reality of mental illnesses. This post covers just one battle with the demons. But, I might write more and add to this story. Would you read more of this story?


“The demons are back,” Hunter announced.

“I’m so sorry,” Cameron replied. “What’s it like this time?”

“They’re telling me lies and stealing control of my body.”

Cameron grasped Hunter in an embrace and held him close as tears began to drip down Hunter’s nose and splashed onto Cameron’s shirt.

“I’m here for you. What are they saying?” Cameron held Hunter’s head close and ran his hand over his hair.

Cameron knew from the past that this was the only way to really calm Hunter down. His demons made him absolutely miserable.

“They say no on cares. I need to be skinnier. I’m annoying. They’re stealing my joy. I can’t be happy anymore.” Hunter’s lips trembled as the salty acid of his tears dripped over them.

“Hunter, it’s all lies,” Cameron continued to hold Hunter close. “I care about you, you’re never annoying. You don’t need to be skinnier. You can be happy someday. We’re going to fight them together. You’re stronger than these demons.”

“But, what if I’m not? I can’t hear my own thoughts anymore.” Hunter’s voice cracked. “Whenever I’m alone they’re there. I can’t escape them.”

“We’re not going to escape. We’re going to demolish them!” Cameron grasped Hunter’s face gently and turned it to look at him. “You are bigger then these demons. I believe in you. You will win. And I’m going to fight beside you. I’m going to wash you after every battle and clean your wounds. I know there will be wounds. You can’t go fighting without them.”

“I want to just give in. I’m not big enough.”

“Hunter, Hunter, Hunter,” Cameron held him tighter. “You’re the biggest person I know. You are a fighter. You always have been. I’m never going to leave you. And you know what? Lawrence and Tasha will help too. We’re all here for you.”

“But, you all have your own demons too.”

“That doesn’t matter, we’re going to all fight together. Each day will be harder for a different person. Some days you will almost give in. But we won’t let you.”

“But, Tasha has it so much worse, I need to fight with her. My demons can wait.”

“No, they can’t. Some days, Tasha will need us to fight with her. Some days, she’ll need us to patch her up. Some days you will be like that.”

Cameron reached behind him and picked up a sword, “Here, take this, you need it more than me right now.”

“But, this is yours. You need it to fight your demons!”

“My demons are quiet right now. You need it more than I do.”

Lawrence walked up, “Hey Hunter, Cameron told that me your demons are back. .”

“They won’t leave me alone for long. This time they’re even stronger.” Hunter sighed, he was so tired. Tired of fighting. “How’s Tasha?”

“Not good,” Tasha lamented as she walked up and hugged Hunter. “But, I’m still here for you. We can fight our demons together.”

“I could never give in with all of you around.” Hunter smiled for the first time that day.

“That’s why we’re here,” Cameron motioned to Lawrence and Tasha. They reached out and all hugged Hunter at the same time.

“Some day, life will be living instead of surviving.” Tasha announced wiping tears from her eyes. “We’re all going to fight for that day.”

“They’re coming for me.” Hunter shrieked and grasped the sword as the first hand reached out and grasped his throat. “I will not give in. I will not give in.” Hunter repeated to himself over and over as he began thrashing about with the sword.

Tasha screamed as a demon with glowing eyes swooped down and started yelling at her.

“You’re worthless. You ruin everything. Your friends are better off without you.” The movement of the air by the demon’s wings blew Tasha around.

“No, I’m not worthless.” Tasha yelled as she pulled her sword from its sheath and began attacking the demon.

Cameron stood rooted to the ground. He prayed desperately for his friends.

Lawrence gathered bandages from the building next door. He knew there would be blood.

“You’re so fat. Your friends don’t care about you.” The demon grasped Hunter around his stomach with the claws on his feet. Its hands squeezed his throat even tighter as the sword hit the demon in the head.

“I’m not FAT!” Hunter roared as he dropped his sword,unsheathed his knife and stabbed it into the demon’s hand.

The demon’s shrill shriek made everyone turn their heads. It dropped off Hunter’s back and crawled away to tend to it’s bleeding wrist.

Hunter sighed in relief. But it didn’t last long. Within seconds another demon was grasping at his legs and shaking them so he could hardly stand.

“No one cares about you. Just give in. Life is pointless.” The demon hollered at Hunter.

“Yes they do care. Stop lying to me.” Hunter kicked the demon straight in the mouth as he bent over and picked up his sword.

Suddenly, four of them were on Tasha, “Just end it. Let it go. They don’t need you. You’re so fat. You’re worthless. No one cares about you.” They grasped Tasha in their horrifying claws. Her head, her throat, her arms, her stomach, her legs. They squeezed and shook and screeched.

Lawrence dropped the bandages and sprinted to Tasha. “I need you!” She exclaimed as she began grasping the demons and pulling them off of Tasha.

Cameron shrieked and dashed to Hunter. He grasped the demon’s throat with both hands and squeezed it. “You’re not worthless. You’re not fat.” He bellowed to Hunter as he threw the demon’s lifeless body onto the ground.

Cameron and Hunter both rushed to Tasha. The four friends formed a square, shoulder to shoulder. The demons kept coming. Shrieking, lying, scratching, grasping, attacking. The battle lasted for 2 hours.

Tasha threw the last demon off her shoulders and stomped on it. “Leave and never come back!” She hollered.

“Oh, we’ll be back.” The demons chorused as they helped each other flap away. “And, we’ll be stronger than ever.”

“And so will we!” Lawrence yelled back as he grasped Tasha who had slumped to the ground in utter exhaustion and loss of blood. “Come on, let’s patch y’all up.” He motioned to Cameron to help Hunter over to the pile of bandages.

“We won today!” Hunter sighed happily.

“Yes, we did.” Lawrence smiled then turned to Tasha. Her blood was pooling. There were so many scratches all over her body. Her throat was bruised from being grasped so many times. Tasha’s breathing was labored. “Come on, Tasha, you can pull through. It’s just one battle.” Lawrence encouraged as he began applying ointment and wrapping bandages around her arms and legs.

Hunter looked around at his friends. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for these people. I know I would have given in. Fighting with and for someone gives you a real purpose… His thoughts trailed off as he fainted to the ground. His body had been through so much and needed rest to make it through the next battle.


Thank you for reading this. It was probably one of the oddest things I have ever written. But I really enjoyed writing it. Writing is one of the best outlets for me.

Now I want to hear from you! Did you like this story? If yes, what did you like about it? If no, why not? (Don’t worry, I love honest feedback and hearing what people really think about my writing.) Who is your favorite character and why?

Comment below! I love hearing from you.

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